How Does Your Extended Family Feel

By responding to life more rightly than not.


But… But… Alec Baldwin!


It is automatic and normal for me to always to sit facing the front entrance,and when possable to sit with back to the wall


We don’t have any problem with our family. Most of them have guns and know how to use them.

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My wife always found it odd that I like to sit at a corner table with my back to the wall and facing the doorway. I remember the first time she asked me why. I told her that if someone comes through the door, intent on doing ill. Who do you want facing the door? She thought about it and then she said “oh, I hadn’t ever really looked at it that way”. So now she makes a point to leave the chair facing the door for me.


Actually that’s not entirely true. Lots of Remington model 700 rifles were recalled because they fired when the safety selector was pushed from safe to fire.

Please be aware of where your rifle is pointed.

My 700 has never done that.

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Check to see if yours is in the recall group.

I tried, found links to law firms looking for clients but no link to Remington for serial number look up.

There’s a phone number to call Remington in that article if you want to see if yours is under the recall. @Mike164

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@Barry54 , Appreciate the heads up! but a person who unfortunately used his/her safety caused that malfunctioning weapon to discharge. Although obviously the weapon was not intentionally designed for that

The person still has to cause a function for the firearm to discharge.

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Funny! But Alec better admit he pulled the trigger on what he assumed was a prop (or did he :joy::joy:)