How do you make the most of your range time?

Aside from the actual shooting, there is a lot of downtime at the range doing the necessary prep work to shoot. How do you make the most of your time at the range? What tips/tricks do you use to be most efficient?

Here are some suggestions from our blog as well:


I bought two more magazines for my VP 9, for a total of 5. I recently bought a Glock 19 but only have the three magazines that came with it. I brought both to the range the other day. Having those two extra magazines for the VP 9 makes a big difference to me. I do plan on eventually getting three more magazines for the Glock.

I also have a bag that I dump my ammo into to take with me to the range. It can hold at least 500 rounds of 9mm in it, and fits in my range bag. For me it’s much easier to reach into the bag, grab some rounds and load the magazines using the Uplula magazine loader I have than getting them out if the box.

When my friend comes with me, I easily fire twice as many rounds as he does, maybe more.

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I’ve got one of those as well!


The guy I shoot with sometimes insists that the silly little loader they give some people with their guns works just as well. Better than hand loading, but not just as well!!

I put 210 rounds downrange the other day through the Glock 19 and 400 through the VP9. If I was handloading, I’d still be there!!

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When I go to an indoor range I try to go with someone else and share a lane. That way (with speed loaders) there is not as much down time where neither of us are shooting. Where I go most of the time for outdoor range time, down time has not been a concern (I have always been lucky others are not waiting to use the lanes). There is also a law enforcement range near me which has open to the public times (have to check the website for dates/times). I have never seen people waiting for any of the areas. It is a really nice range near Waunakee (they say it is the only town with that name in the world) with areas for long range shooting, shot guns as well as handguns.

I recommend the Magpul mags for your 19. They’re cheaper than the stock mags, work great, and you can stockpile a bunch of them for range days. If you’re really feeling froggy, you can grab some 17rd mags too to cut back on reloading.

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I’ll have to check it out. The 19 is a Gen 5 with the ambi mag release, which I’ll be changing for left handed once I transfer it to my wife, so the new mags are all I can use for that. I planned on getting more mainly as I’m looking into a PCC that uses Glock mags.

Also, I live in MA, so nothing more than ten rounders, unless they’re pre ban, which cost a ridiculous amount.

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