How did you feel?

Interesting that you mention china. There has been an ongoing run on their banks…

Scary Fact.


A taxi driver was waiting for a fare in front of the Mandalay hotel when the Las Vegas shooting started. The recorder was running in the cab and captured all the shots. The “news” claims there was only one shooter. I listened to that recording from the cab as it was posted online. Having been firearms instructor for the last 13 years I know how different rifle ammo’s sound. There was not just one rifle…I heard 3 distinct sounds. These distinct reports came from 3 different directions and distances. As usual the “media” is bought and paid for and will “report” what their masters tell them

they can. Always of interest is that close to 100% of these “random” shooters are killed quickly, indeed as they should be…but…considering the uptick in random shooters since Uvalde I have to question the real motives. The school shooting that took place a few years ago by a “random” shooter, … a detail only reported by a conservative source: this “random” shooter drove 600 miles to shoot up a school? It will no doubt ramp up…the leftist demorats are desperate to disarm We The People…not criminals and psychopaths…WE are the threat and of course the “media” will lie and pervert any and all truth and the “sheep” will swallow it and become their cheerleaders.

"In the beginning God…

“Despots may plan and armies may march, and the congresses of the nation may seem to think they are adjusting all the affairs of the world, but the mighty men of the earth are only the dust of the chariot wheels of God’s providence.”


No major ammo shortage in my area, so no real angst. About the only thing I can’t find is range .38 and .357. Prices are higher than they were, but 9mm is still about 0.33/rnd.

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