How could you lose your gun rights?

Every state has different gun laws, and some states have stiff penalties for firearms infractions (such as carrying in a location that prohibits firearms). No one wants to lose his or her right to own a firearm, but it can — and does — happen.

What are some ways you might lose your right to own or carry a firearm?

Check out what Tom Grieve has to say about this on our YouTube channel on April 30th!


Red flag laws. Also in Illinois, 3 times getting caught in a posted/listed Gun Free Zone earns you a felony. Make sure you know your state and local laws/ordinances.


Curious. Caught or formally reported?


If you are caught second time without previous report… you are caught first time then :slightly_smiling_face:


Caught enough the authorities become involved. Even the 1st Tim in Illinois is a misdemeanor and 150 dollar fine.


Red flag laws are definitely cause for concern to me; anyone who disagrees with you, resents or is angered for any reason whether real or perceived, or maybe is just having a rough day, can put you at risk of losing your 2nd amendment rights. I’m not generally a fearful person but my rights being subject to another person’s passing whim or mood is cause for real concern to me.


All good points. For us we cannot wait to get out of the once lovely but now ruined state of CA.

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