How can charging handle manufacturers sleep at night?

Just did a BUNCH of looking online today for an ambi, AR charging handle because my original was broken during troubleshooting a jam after I first got the weapon…

Anyway, my goodness they’re expensive! Best I could do, including shipping, was $79.
Maybe I missed something, but when did they get pricey like this?? Wow. Just wow. But ok, I needed it.

Just dont know how the ppl who build something so simple and sell it so high can sleep at night…maybe I’m put of touch with rifle parts but I’m shocked it was that much. Expected around $45 starting prices…


If I learned anything at all, after 8 years on submarines it’s redundancy. I love that word. Ever since leaving the military, I never, ever acquire one of anything. My wife thinks that is just overboard. Unfortunately the are no BOGOs when it comes to firearms supplies. From sunglasses to firing pin springs, from my two daughters to my two grandson warriors.
And don’t even think about it, my wife doesn’t know about the other wife🤫 redundancy! Did I mention I like that concept?
I do however expect that by the time I need to use the second item prices will have gone up, but not to the level we are experiencing now, that’s just price gouging. This may sound like a joke but during a state of emergency you should be able to notify you Attorney General of such outrageous practices.
On a more serious note I found that Natchez, Tactical Gear, and Brownells are always fairly priced. Unfortunately Brownells ships via USPS only and I don’t trust USPS.


If you have not committed yet, you might like these prices better:

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Yeah, a good one isnt cheap. @Scott52 has it right, always keep some spare parts lying around.

For every “nice” charging handle I bought, I keep the old one as a spare.

I really like the Radian Raptor LT. I have the Geisselle Airborne, also nice. And the older BCM something which is my least favorite. I dont remember what I paid but $50-100 sounds about right.

Man, thats a sobering thought on how much Ive tied up in small pieces of aluminum…

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I had already ordered a:

Griffin Armament SNACH

From midwayusa

And, I had my numbers wrong. Was probably suffering from s mental shock because of prices lol

Including shipping, it was $92.98
Absurd still IMO but watever. I’ll of course keep the current handle after I install this one. Only difference is this one is ambidextrous. I have a jacked up right hand from military - index metacarpal was slow cooked halfway thru while my hand was pinned in an ejection seat. Hand works, amazingly enough, but I’ve chronic pain (RSD) that requires a morphine pump implant to handle. Thank God I got one!

Anyway, charging handle is on order, overpriced dang thing.

Oh,and since I worked on explosive systems, “redundancy” resonates with me, is a dang good idea, and I TRY to have backups even for backups, not including my wife tho!! Talk about dangerous. My wife is half Sicilian, half Apache. THAT temper is scary even to me.
A 5’5" lil stack of TNT and easily set off.

K ya all take care. I’ll report in when the handle arrives let ya all know how it is :))

I wish I’d looked at your link sooner!!!

Like those prices a LOT better. Bookmarked for future reference, thank you :slight_smile:

You can thank @Craig6 for the link, he led me there last year :+1: