Houston, Texas

Houston Texas man indicted for disregarding the new Federal Law and did not turn-in or otherwise destroy his BumpStock today September 6 Fox News Reports
Fox is calling the AR 15 a Machine Gun mouthing government sources.
Ajay Dingra 43 years old

Ajay Dingra doesn’t sound like a poster child for a government overreach trial… he sounds pretty unstable, so this is going to be a messy one.


I think he red flagged himself.


Yes he may have flagged himself,but the real sad part is a law was passed,he is indicted,and it would be the same style as passing a lawmaking it illegal to own xyz weapon, now you keep yours and do not voluntarily turn it in, now you get indicted,it is impossible to fight and win 1 by 1.

In the case of bump stock,mores to pity, 1 small business man came up with the vision,he struggled and finally produced the goods, 1 bad actor used allegedly used the stock,in 1 crime,and the business man was put out of business without compensation.

Let alone all of this cases anomolies, like an asset going off the rails,like the 3 dead FBI agents working with the asset killed at the weapons warehouse that blew up across town at an unscheduled meeting of foreign buyers. The buyers were a Target of the asset,as well as all the timeline data errors and questions.

I feel for the business man who spent years working to get this thing made and sold,to have 1 bad apple allegedly take his life and flush it from an unkowing public with a huge knee jerk reaction pushed by a media,that knew more than they told or agencies that knew more.
Sad for the business man,caught I. The knee jerk of lies


What a moron, he was begging for a visit from the ATF/FBI and Secret Service.