Hotels hosting homeless are dangerous

There are reasons not to pay money to stay at a homeless shelter. Call the hotel before your stay and find out if they are doing this.


" Authorities believe there is no threat to the public at this time."

Wasn’t he part of the public??? :roll_eyes: :angry:

“Rhetorical Comment”


I think that would be “at this time” because the suspects were both arrested so at this time those particular suspects are likely in custody

In honestly though I only barely skimmed the article I don’t much care for media sites that are 50% ads and videos popping up by screen real estate


If Marriott execs have some remaining non-woke brain function, they are pondering reputational risks to their brand from this misguided program. I think, it took a lot longer for projects to deteriorate into crime and drug dens, than for this 3-star hotel.


Even if those particular perps are locked up, there’s always a threat to the public.
Seems there’s never a threat to the public besides the instant there is according to those with a microphone in front of them.


Many homeless people carry homemade weapons including knives, clubs, or sharpened objects like broom handles or sharpened metal objects they use to protect themselves. Problem is, most of them are mentally unstable/addicted and not thinking clearly so it’s a powder keg waiting to blow.

Putting them in hotels is inviting more problems.


Has common sense gone out the window? If I were a Motel/Hotel In owner I would say no to boarding homeless people for a variety of reasons.

  1. A significant portion are schizophrenic
  2. A portion have decided to drop out of society
  3. No one values stuff given to them for free (there are some exceptions, but not many)
  4. Disease, bedbugs
    In both the above instances I doubt they would have little respect for my rooms and I would suspect damage would be an issue.
  5. Offending paying customers and lowering the bar for paying customers or harming them or stealing from them.

I am not trying to beat up on the homeless. There has to be a better way.


Of course common sense has gone out the window. Look around at what woke thinking has done to America, in the last 2 years.


Automatic weapons, PCP, Bomb making materials, Homeless Hotel? What could go wrong???


Every thing possable !


I believe in CA governmental hitler wannabes are using some kind of financial/legal problems to the hotels in order to make them amenable to housing people they ordinarily wouldn’t allow to linger on the property. Can’t be sure of that but it was on the grapevine.