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I have a great group of ladies that have their CWP but have rarely or never trained with their guns. We live very rural and it’s very difficult to find a range close enough to practice. I have a lot of property and wanted to host a meetup for them to talk education, safety and security as well as get to know their equipment and practice a little. A training instructor mentioned that I should get a liability release form signed by them. Has anyone done this type of event and have you used a release from? If so, what would you reccomend? TIA!


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It would not hurt! The reason being is you could be held liable if one of those nice ladies accidentally hurt themselves or worse.

Every time you sign up for a new range these days you sign a release form. However, it would not be hard to draw up some but you might should discuss that with an attorney in your area because I’m not sure what laws could possibly be in place that’s not in your favor.

I know at age 11 or 12 we were shooting freely on our land (My grandfather and myself) well a sheriff deputy happened to be in the area and he informed us that even though we were in the middle of nowhere and our land surrounding…we needed a “berm” in place, legally anyway.

Now. I tell you to talk to an attorney for all sorts of reasons as I mentioned one I ran into. I don’t want you to fall into some unexpected lawsuit or even possible criminal allegations.


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I would probably do some quiet investigation of your town/county/parish etc’s rules for discharging a firearm w/i it’s boundaries. I have a friend with about 300 acres at the very south end of our “Incorporated city” that butts up to several hundred more acres of farm land. He had been shooting on his property since he was a kid. One afternoon he was politely informed by one of our finest that since he was within the “city limits” that his farm has the same rules as “downtown”. After a year he is still working his way through the system to be able to shoot on his own land.

On the liability thing, most of them are not worth the paper they are written on in court. The question will be if you are holding a “class” and providing “instruction” or if the girls are just over to put some rounds on target. In the latter case you would be covered by your homeowners policy, in the former … well that’s a horse of a different color. @Randall318 has good and valid points about checking in with a local attorney, unfortunately it will cost you an hour of “Attorney time” which is ~$75 / hour in my neck of the woods for a legal consultation. That said if you do elect to go see one start an email correspondence PRIOR to paying for it just so that the lawyer will know what you are looking to find out and will have the opportunity to pre-research it for you so that it is a one stop visit.



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Your fortunate because in Louisiana it’s $300 hrly…
For a decent one anyways.

But, @Craig6, is right! There are plenty of ways you could go about it without representation.
If your anything like me, you won’t mind pulling down the ole dusty law books off the shelf at your local law library.

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Thanks Craig, yes we are in unincorporated areas and believe me, the gun shooting on property is not a problem there and we so have a berm as was mentioning, plus I put up hay bails. I am in no way qualified to have a class or instruct, but I purchased a 9mm for future carry because my Judge is to hard to conceal carry. I am comfortable with revolvers but not the Simi and I will need to train on that myself before I feel comfortable carrying it. That got me thinking about how other ladies were training and most have not outside of recieving their CWP. I got a lot of feedback from them that they aren’t comfortable going to a range to be ridiculed one said and they said if they had a place to just get some practice they would feel more confident about going to a range and following up with an expert with some classes. There are many out there that are carrying anyway male and female and don’t put the time in they should and if I can help by letting them shoot at my hay bails, then I am happy to share. BTW, my neighbor does a tenenite blow every holiday and is always trying to beat the last time and the last time shook stuff off my wall shelves! :slight_smile:


Idk where you are located- but if you wanted to go to a range, look for a Ladies Only class like Well Armed Woman or anything the like. The range I go to is very lady friendly which is why I go.

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