Horrible nightmares, oh the horror, the horror

Ever since 2007 I have always made it a point to scan out my peep hole at my front door before ever leaving my home. I’m in condition yellow 24/7. I live by the following mantra
“I don’t care where you are,
I don’t care what you are doing.
I don’t care if you are working or if you are off.
Look around you all the time!
See around you all the time!
This sign is posted over my peep hole.
It’s not a bad neighborhood and I don’t consider it paranoia, just vigilance. I was also using a product to quit smoking. That’s another story. But there were side affects. I quit smoking, used all my cigarette dollars for ammo.
Last night I dreamt that when I looked outside my door there was a line of people swarming the neighborhood with light blue caps holding “assault rifles” and when all my neighbors exited for work they were all mowed down like blades of grass.
I ran back to my bedroom, cut up my mattress to acquire my own weapons. Locked and loaded. My wife and I took up positions at front and rear awaiting the inevitable. Is this a premonition of things to come.
Or is this just Bloomberg horror, or Northam virus?


Spending a lot of time with any topic on your mind may trigger dreams on said topic. I know that it does for me. Tonight…think Hawaiian islands and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely right! When I awoke this morning all the palm trees had AK47’s. Sorry, really couldn’t help myself :sunglasses: