Home security/defense for apartment living

Times are tough and money’s tight, (I’ll spare the details). Recently our family had to go back to apartment living. It’s come with a lot of uncertainties , different neighbors coming and going, loud music coming from “I don’t know where”, lover’s quarrels through the walls at 2:00 am, etc. Hell my truck has already been broken into twice, stolen once (it was recovered that day thank God).

We’ve installed our own security cameras and alarms on doors and windows. What are some other ideas for home security/defense while living in apartment complexes?


Stick for sliding glass door . Window break sensor. Assume since you are on these forums you have a fire arm so will add get a high lumen count flashlight to go with.


Make sure the door hinge screws and latchplate are secured with 2½ to 3 inch screws.

Get a peephole latch cover.
Position a large pice of furniture near the door that can be used to barricade if nessicary.

If your building has a controlled access door make sure the intercom and buzzer work. If they don’t get on building management to fix it.

Call your local 911 board and have your contact information assigned to your number and address.

Get everyone in your building on board( or at least building management) with keeping entrance doors locked, improved exterior lighting, making security upgrades if nessicary. (Key card access control to public and resident only areas)


Everyone will have their own opinions, but…

While security devices are beneficial at times, and they can give you advance warning, what are you going to do if someone enters uninvited, or ‘self invited’?


Apartment walls are thin, notoriously thin, and at times you can hear a fly fart (No offense Fly, not speaking about you)… Do not want over penetration, and a shotgun with #7 shot may be handy, but you can do some research and see if #4 Buck might work.

Regarding the truck, consider a disconnect, where they can not hot wire it, and make sure there is nothing of value left in it.

Also, something I checked on a while back… .just had to go look it up again. Door reinforcers. For the door, the frame, withstands serious attempts to kick in the door.

I realize you said due to times you had to go back to apartment living, but you may want to consider better apartments, even if looking at nearby towns, or look for cheap rental houses in a more rural area. No idea where you are, so that last is dependent on your region and locale.


door reinforcers also.


Not a bad little device and it’s loud.

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@Travis3 I was born and raised in the housing projects in NYC. Alarms or security systems didn’t exist in this days. Some doors used a Steel pole that was held by a hole from the floor to the door jam. How’s about installing internal cameras.


I have 4 of them for travel but I use 2 on my bedroom door at night.