Anyone know where I can get a holster for my S&W 44 magnum model 629 6 inch barrel


Welcome to the family Leslie, glad to have you here.

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What material are you interested in leather, Kydex etc.

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You can maybe get one from the Smith and Wesson accessories store. Also, look up Savoy Leather. They custom make leather holsters. Very nice ones.


You might consider looking at a Alien holsters they have a pretty wide selection and quality product very well-made

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I second Savoy leather, and welcome to the community.

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And welcome Chris… :+1:


I will admit I have a holster fetish :grin:

Some folks will laugh but I get a LOT of my holsters from eBay! GREAT deals to be had if you are patient and shop around. I just bought a $150 El Paso Saddlery holster in beautiful condition for $45. Worth a look!

Also, many local gun stores will sell used holsters they get with trade in guns really cheap. Every time I go into a gun store I check to see if they have a used holster rack or bin. I’ve found NICE treasures in those.

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I bought a Bianchi 5BH a couple of decades ago (thumb snap—my Dept required retention straps) and it’s still going strong. A wonderful holster from back when they were made in the USA.
Having a good gun belt really helps.
Hunter makes a good, rugged leather snap on/off holster for about $75 new.
IIRC it’s a model 1100 size 77 for 6"-6-1/2" “N” frames
Once again, a good gun belt goes a long way

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Welcome to the family Chris and God bless you.

Thanks everyone. I’m just now seeing these. I’ll look into it. I don’t see myself concealing this 44 magnum as it would be very different because of it almost being a foot long. I’ll look into the sites you guys told me about

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