Holster: Sidecar or Separate?

I’ve decided to buy a holster designed for AIWB. Which type of holster do you prefer? Side car holster or mag separate?

Definitely separate, strong hand drops mag, weak hand inserts new mag. If that makes sense.


Gosh I had to laugh. I was thinking either he has done way too much Kubernetes, or you are talking Ural motorcycles… :rofl:

Separate for AIWB is what I use. Gosh, that just seems like it would be far too wide…


I prefer my gun and mag carrier combined. I run an LAS Ronin 3.0. It is not a solid unit like a T-Rex Sidecar, but instead flexes in the center with the use of a bungee style cord. Best holster I have ever owned.

I like the combined units because they evenly distribute weight and also do not create a buldge on just one side. Instead, if you look at me from the side, I have a uniformed look at my belt line.

I have tried both styles and just prefer the style like the Ronin I own or a Tier 1 holster.

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