Holster Review: N82 (Nate Squared) Tactical Pro Tandem

I’ve never done one of these so please bear with me. I’ve recommended this product before so I’m going to give my official (unofficial) review.

When I first started carrying my S&W M&P 2.0 Compact I did not enjoy the experience. This is primarily due to the aggressive grip the M&P 2.0’s now have. It was rubbing my skin raw, and on one extended outing with the family I was actually bleeding. So I began looking for a holster to protect my spare tire from the sandpaper-eque grip of my new favorite firearm. I spent awhile searching and wasn’t really having any luck, so imagine my surprise after hours of searching holsters when an advertisement for N82 Tactical appeared on my Facebook feed. (Not surprised at all since Google shares your search and shopping history with Facebook.)

I spent some time checking the company out and the holster looked like it would suit my purpose exactly. The leather back would cover the entire grip of my firearm, the trigger cover is made of a hard plastic material and the price point was not insane. With the blessing of my wife I went ahead and ordered the holster and then received it around December.

The back is approximately 1/2" thick, my carry gun is a double stack and the plastic material is not skimpy in the slightest, so the first thing I noticed is very visible printing. I was not entirely happy with that, however it was winter and heavier clothing covered that nicely. I failed to notice however that my belt (Bigfoot Gun Belt) was thicker than what the holsters clips are designed for and fell victim to a classic blunder. As soon as I sat down in a chair with slats across the back the clips caught and pulled the holster right out of my pants! Thankfully this was at home so no harm no foul. I emailed N82 Tactical and explained the problem I was having and the order number of my holster. I did not get a reply, but 2 days later I did get a pair of new clips in the mail that fit my belt much better. I’m assuming the lack of reply was an oversight due to it being December and I refuse to begrudge a company for being busy, especially since they sent me new clips free of charge with no questions asked.

I used this holster exclusively all winter long and even into the spring. Here in Michigan warm weather came late for us so it wasn’t until recent I discovered how hot these holsters are. I should have realized it sooner, it IS a thick holster after all. Combine the sweat with the printing and I realized that I could not carry this way all summer long. Printing doesn’t matter here in Michigan, but I choose to be aware of it and therefore it matters to me.

N82 Tactical Pro Tandem Hybrid Holster:

N82 Tactical Ease of ordering: 5/5 Stars

N82 Tactical Customer Service: 5/5 Stars (Again I will not begrudge them for being busy during December)

Comfort: 5/5 Stars (colder months), 3/5 Stars (HOT months)

Printing: 3/5 Stars (You can adjust your clothes to prevent or conceal printing, know ahead of time that it does print)

Durability: 5/5 Stars (SO FAR. I have not experienced any fraying or wear and tear as of yet, there are sweat stains on the leather though)

Cost: 4/5 Stars (Well worth the price of about $75. There are cheaper holsters available and there are also more expensive.)

Retention: 5/5 Stars N82 Tactical holsters that do not use Nylon retention have both good passive retention and a slight “active” retention. You cannot pull the firearm straight out, instead you have to give your wrist a slight twist towards your body in order to draw. Practice accordingly.

Bathroom Retention: 3/5 Stars. This is an awkward one to rate in that the holster held the firearm perfectly, however due to the size of the holster itself combined with the weight of my firearm it has tendency to flip when there is little to no tension on the belt. If you are about to sit, make sure you have a grip on your belt and then fasten your pants or belt around your legs to prevent this from happening.

Overall I give this Holster a positive rating, the company gets excellent ratings. Their products are well made, there is a lot of attention to detail, their customer service is excellent.

Note: Due to the size of this particular holster I am always aware of it. It’s not one of those “so comfortable you forget it’s there” holsters. It is indeed comfortable, however there is enough bulk to it that you will always feel it. There is enough leather and weight to the holster that you will absolutely need a sturdy belt with it

I like this holster, however I probably will not purchase another one like it. I’ve found that a lightweight undershirt in conjunction with my Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 is just as comfortable. If I purchase another hybrid IWB holster it will probably be another AG Cloak Tuck in black. My concern is that the aggressive grip of my firearm will rub holes into my undershirt, we will see how that goes.

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Same gun, I love my Hidden Hybrid - leather/kydex combo with a felt back - no issue with the grip rubbing my sidewalls. I have the double clip (IWB/OWB), version for both the 2.0c and the Shield. For my HK I have the single clip IWB only.

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That thing looks huge!


It’s pretty big. I will see if i can get a decent picture to demonstrate size