Holster question and carry position

Congrats! I’m not sure if they have a holster for your model but I’ve bought 3 holsters from Tulster.com and have really liked them. Their mag carriers are good as well. Also get yourself a good belt. I thought I had a good belt but was quite wrong. My buddy directed me to Versacarry and I just ordered a new belt from the actually. They’re thick and the belts are on sale, or at least they were when I ordered mine last week.

Definitely get a small lock box like what’s posted above. Of course you can’t carry everywhere and you’ll need somewhere to secure your firearm. I’ll drop the mag, clear the chamber, lock the gun and carry my mag for in the off chance somebody does break in and crack the lockbox they will just have a gun but would need to try and find a new mag and ammo, good luck with either at this point.

I’m lean enough to comfortably carry appendix. It takes some getting use to but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ll carry around the house and do chores and it doesn’t bother me much. I like 5 o’clock as well though the cutouts on the slide dig into some of my side fat a little and I don’t like that much after a while. Do yourself a favor and also get an OWB holster for when it’s cold and you can carry with heavier clothing on and nobody will notice. Not sure if you got your Conceal Carry Permit right away or not (NV is 120 days) but if you didn’t I’d recommend getting your holster now and practice carrying concealed around your house. This will help you get ready for when you can legally carry.

In the car I keep it holstered and 99% of the time it’s appendix. What I’ll do is lift my shirt and jacket up over the gun, if I have a jacket on, so that I get to it quickly if I need. Somebody makes those big magnets you can mount in your car, so that could be a good option for long trips. Keeping a second holster in your center console or something isn’t a bad idea for long trips either. Just make sure you can get to it quickly.

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So far I only have 2 holsters. The owb paddle holster that came with it and my Aliengear Cloak Tuck 3.5. Both are Kydex because it is a center fire pistol with no external safeties. I have a Stoeger Str-9 so holster choices are more limited and went with Aliengear because of recommendations here as well as them actually having one for my pistol. I am between 6’ 1" and 6’ 2" at 195-200lbs. The Cloak Tuck works perfectly on me. I originally carried in the 4 Oclock position and that thought concealed very well. Which it did as long as I was stranding. I found out when I sit in my office chair it prints like crazy through the chair. To me that means I would print any time I sat like at a restaurant or park bench. The AIWB did take a little time to get used to but works great for me. It is more of a 2 O clock position and not at the 12 O clock.

I am no expert and thought about a shoulder rig for driving as well. Mainly for long trips.

The great people here on the forum is why I changed my mind. Along with the article about selecting holsters. For the shoulder rig to work properly there has to be tension from your belt to bottom of the holster. If it is not, the holster will have to much play. I never went any further.

Due to the pandemic I don’t have any long trips planned anytime soon. For those I plan on using my owb holster in my center console for when I don’t have it on me.

I saw someone had mentioned about mounting the magnetic block for you vehicle. You need to check your state laws on them to make sure they are allowed. In SC as far as I know we can’t have the gun mounted to one in the open. Depending on your auto they might be a good option for a center console or under a seat, but I personally want my trigger and trigger guard to always be covered unless I have intentionally unholstered.

I do like the suggestion to drop the mag and take it with you if you need to leave the pistol in the car. I have not yet picked up an additional lock box for the truck so will incorporate that into my routine.

Due to the pandemic I have been working from home so I have not really needed it for the truck.