Holster compatibility- Taurus PT 101?

I’ve a family member who is looking for a good CC holster for a Taurus PT-101 40cal.
I use ClingerHolsters, and they have some newer model Taurus PT series holsters. Anyone know if they work with the 101?
Thx for anything on this :wink:


Would the Clinger holster for the Beretta 92F fit the Taurus PT 101?


You can try other companies such as WE THE PEOPLE, TULSTER, C&G, ALIEN GEAR and others etc. All good holster makers.


Understood, and I’ve personally tried a gazillion. This guy has not, and hasn’t the means to buy one after another until he gets a perfect fit.
I was simply going on the one I’ve found that has the best fit and concealment for ME. Fact is, I order their Colt 5” 1911 for any 1911 I may be carrying and they fit, which is. Y I wondered if perhaps anyone here had tried their newer model Taurus holster for an older model.
I’m well aware of how all this goes, just looking at options to save a family member some money and headache if possible.
Am very aware of other holsters on the market, and thanks, but not wat I asked for.
IF someone has tried the Clinger brand for the newer PT series pistols for the older series is all I wanted to know.

Thanks bunches for the other info, I’m just already aware. Fact is I know ima place nearby that can make him a custom leather holster at a good price, same day….leaning towards taking him there.
Thx again & God bless!

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