Hollywood Weapons: An Advocate in the Film Industry | USCCA

Do you like guns? How about movies? How about guns IN movies? If you answered “yes” to the last question, it’s very likely you have witnessed the skills of Larry Zanoff. Zanoff’s work as manager of the weapons department for California-based Independent Studio Services (ISS) can be seen in a lot of big-hit films, including Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and Captain America: Civil War (2016). You might best recognize Zanoff from the TV series Hollywood Weapons. ISS also provides substantial behind-the-scenes work training actors, providing and manufacturing prop guns, and offering technical advice for just about anything weapons-related. In fact, ISS provides approximately 70 percent of all weapons (whether original guns, recreated pieces or even completely made-up fantasy firearms) that are seen in TV and movies. So if you’ve ever watched a superhero film, an action flick, a police drama or a detective show, you’ve probably experienced ISS’ handiwork.

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