Holding Someone Responsible for A Crime

When you have Hearings or Courts to see wether a person has committed a crime, innocent or guilty, you have a judge to hear the case. Anyone that takes the stand is sworn to tell the whole Truth.

When someone is sworn into a Federal or State Office to uphold their office and The Constitution you must hold that individual responsible for their duties of that office. You have Government People not being responsible, not being honest, and they are Destroying our Nation and Constitution ( All of It ).

Don’t you think it is time to place charges against those responsible for purging, threatening, and the destruction of the Constitution.

If a law abiding person that is innocent and hard working, the government would press charges against
someone for jay walking.


I asked the judge on the case I was a jury member on why it was that when questioned on the stand they would respond opposite of what they said in their statement to the police it wasn’t called perjury. He said, “in the 30 years I’ve sat on the bench I can not thing of one single time a person was charged with a crime for it.” I guess the same applies to politicians, they can run on one thing and Govern opposite.


It’s called “campaigning.” I will promise you the world and give you nothing. Here’s a reason, if I can call it that; people who campaign may have genuinely good intentions, but here’s the problem: they have absolutely no clue as to the inner workings of the office that they are vying for. When they get there, they get whipped, chained and shackle quick, fast, and in a hurry and given an understanding that now that you’ve made it here, in order to stay here you’ve got to get along to go along. You be a good boy or a good girl, support what’s current, and in time, we’ll pitch support your way, and will even endorse your continued candidacy in future races. But if you refuse to read and heed the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People; you’ll find yourself a one-term servant that will have accomplished absolutely nothing. It’s called, Politics. And it’s a protected practice.


To indict them you would first have to indict America. America has inscribed on its landmark standing in the New York Harbor on Liberty Island (The statue of Liberty) the following: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” She is a symbol of democracy, freedom, hope, and liberty. The statue’s message inspires not just the people of the United States, but also people around the world.

Some people may well feel, “you promised me one thing, and now I’m here to receive per your advertisement, your invitation, your campaign, but you have only delivered to me stress, heartache and pain, a bad bill of goods. Yet, they seek the promise of America because her potential is great, hence the ideal.” There is nothing saying the ideal will ever be achieved or maintained, but we struggle to fulfill it. America is an evolving experiment that also experiences peaks and valleys. It’s the incumbent that will be with us until we go to our long-awaited home in glory.


Please becareful about Jay Walking in Ohio. Please watch this video, it is important !!!

I don’t know if telling a lie to police is a crime if one is not under oath.
I am pretty sure it is not. Giving a false ID or false statement on a document where you falsely accuse that you sign might be.

I am not falsely accusing anyone or calling someone a liar. We have all heard the screaming and
condemnation from the anti gun ladies and gentlemen. It has been over two years of nightmares and I can not fix it, but do you think everyone is pure as a new baby? Are you blaming me, I have not been dishonest or seek to harm, not wise ?

I just re-read all of the posts on this thread @William_H . I don’t think anyone said anything bad about you at all. Not that I could discern anyway. I did not read one negative comment aimed at you.

My sincerest apologies for misunderstandings. I do not know everything, but I do have some experiences and I went through civil court cases and I was honest to everyone with a lawyer. After 12 years of fighting my Wife and I won all the cases legally, but it cost my Wife’s life.

I am learning to trust again and I am not a robot or a failure. That is because I had someone who cared
for me.

After listening to lawsuits and condemnations, it makes things unbearable at times and people fighting
over our Constitution and arresting law abiding people. I can only listen and continue training to be
the best I can, that is why I joined USCCA. They have been good to me and the training is great and it builds confidence and self esteem.

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I was responding to mike sorry I thought i clicked on the arrow.

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You’ll notice that this does not promise to supply the immigrant’s every need once they get here. America offered immigrants the opportunity to achieve prosperity through their own industry, labor, effort or ingenuity. Many became successful: many did not. America offers opportunity. Not a free pass. Once the immigrant is here, they are expected to “make it” on their own.

When Frederic Bartholdi first designed the statue, he intended it to be an Egyptian peasant in Muslim garments named “Egypt Carrying The light to Asia” and installed to guard the newly opened Suez Canal. Egyptian officials rejected the statue as too expensive so Bartholdi transformed it into a Roman goddess, renamed her “Liberty Enlightening the World” and took it to America. So, it could be said that America’s most iconic symbol was acquired second hand.

My respect for immigrants who come to America to work toward a better life, dealing with all the bureaucracy that is required to enter legally, knows no bounds. My father was one of them. He earned his naturalization papers on June 6, 1944 at Normandy, France.

Contrast that to individuals who believe that walking anonymously across the border automatically confers citizenship upon them with access to all the programs intended to aid legitimate U.S. citizens, U.S. citizenship has VALUE (although this statement could be declared false by the current administration) and should be conveyed on merit (earned), not handed out like prizes in a Cracker-Jack Box.

Finally, violent offenders who commit crimes abhorrent to society must, upon conviction, be separated from society until such time that they no longer pose a danger. Non-violent offenders earn the opportunity for parole based on “model prisoner” behavior. But this "second chance’ is just that- a second chance. NO-ONE gets a third until a much longer sentence is served. Finally, legislatures should STOP producing new laws until law books are purged of obsolete, unjust, antiquated or laws written so badly that they are incomprehensible. Unfortunately, this will not happen as the entire tax code of the U.S, will be eliminated