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Humans can put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform at certain levels — both physically and mentally. And none of us ever wants to disappoint, fall behind or stand out as being different. This can make struggles and challenges with mental health very problematic. So many folks find themselves not wanting to seek out assistance due to the possible stigmas that may be attached. Sadly, many who don’t seek out the help they desperately need may instead choose to hurt themselves or others … or even end their lives.

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Now that is a great life saving organization!
I “applied” this same method six or seven years ago when I was dealing with major pain from two bad discs in my neck and all the doctors inside my medical network said that the pain, major tinnitus, and tremors when the barometric pressure was changing was “all in my head”. I was losing hope! I went to doctors outside my network and they said I needed surgery soon as I could become paralyzed from neck down.
Then the hopeless and suicidal thoughts came. As a Christian and missionary for many years I knew suicide wasn’t an option. I called a close friend of mine and locked up my guns into a lockable Sentry safe and asked my friend to hold onto them until I knew I had “overcome” these thoughts.
In time, through serious prayer and finding out that the organization I was serving with was prohibiting doctors from providing the care, I contacted the head of the insurance dept. and nicely threatened legal action if they didn’t allow me to get the surgery. Within a week I had an appointment at Mayo Clinic, then testing and surgery. I then went and asked my friend for my gun safe, he asked a few questions to verify I was “safe” and gave them back.

This would be a good option for all members! Look at who they could hand over their guns to temporarily if they run into depression, major anger, or any reason the gun would be misused.

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Welcome to the community.
Train Hard and Stay Safe

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