Hogue laser grip warranty work

Good evening all- I have a Hogue grip with red laser that I need to send back for repair work under warranty (on-off switch no longer works). Has anyone had any experience with returning items to Hogue for repair or replacement and has an idea how long I will be without my grip (which fits my hand perfectly :wink: ). Thanks in advance for any insights.


@Charles230 I googled this and maybe it will help, also call customer service.

hogue laser grip warranty - Search (bing.com)


Thank you Johnny. I did call them and spoke with a rep. Their products of this type have a 3 year warranty and I’ve shipped it off to them. Their rep was very helpful (and very nice on the phone) and she said no problem- if we can’t fix it we’ll replace it at no additional charge. Very easy process from this customer’s point of view.

Thanks again for the reply- much appreciated