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For the elections of the 16th President, Abraham Lincolns name was not even on the ballots in the southern states. Lincoln won the election in an electoral college landslide with 180 electoral votes, although he secured less than 40 percent of the popular vote. The North had many more people than the South and therefore control of the Electoral College. Lincoln dominated the Northern states but didn’t carry a single Southern state.
The Democratic Party were in turmoil in 1860. They should have been the party of unity, but instead were divided on the issue of the states rights and slavery. Southern Democrats thought slavery should be expanded but, Northern Democrats opposed the idea. States’ rights were also hotly debated. Southern Democrats felt states had the right to govern themselves while Northern Democrats supported the Union and a national government.
The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 caused seven southern states to secede and form the Confederate States of America; four more states soon joined them. The War Between the States, as the Civil War was also known.
If you look at this with the same view point of the 2nd Amendment and the division we have here in America today, you should be able to see a lot of similarities. The questionable quarries about the election. Peoples rights being threatened, It is all looking too similar. Our Constitutional right to bear arms shall not be infringed, is being shouted out all over the place and the American way of life, as we know it, is being threatened. I am sure these words were sounded off in 1860 too. I do not foresee states leaving the union or do I foresee a coup d’état but, I do see infringements upon the American people. I could be wrong but, something is going to happen. Anybody have any ideas?


Texas is trying to bail again, good stubborn folks there, no quiters for sure. & don’t understand the little coda remark. Please explain.

Sorry, “coup d’état”

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The right to bare arms - implies take away
The right to bear arms - implies to carry

The second is the correct. :wink:
Grammar Nazis rule :metal:


The attack on America has been decades in the making…

Multicultural Marxism, men told to wear dresses and women told to kick a 30 yard kickoff and be celebrated…
The values of our nation, the history, the accomplishments, the traditional ideas and principles of a Republic with individual liberty, freedom and rights, has been denigrated for decades… and if you suggest you support any traditional views… you are attacked and called every name under the sun… from bigot, racist, (same sex phobe,) {A WORD NOT ALLOWED… TALK ABOUT CENSORSHIP… } to hater, misogynist, xenophobe and everything else…

Yes, the nation is moving towards violence and strife, and with internal struggles, we are weakened to allow for external invasion… and some here are assisting in an external invasion.

When we have little in common, the divide is not easily healed.

It is not exactly a Democrat / Republican… though we tend to line up the sides as such… there are Democrats who supported Trump… and some Republicans who did not…

The divide is a mix… it is cultural, it is values, it is a divide of freedom and liberty versus governmental control and power… liberty versus totalitarianism.

Yes, there will be violence, unfortunately. We have already seen violence, from primarily the left… even as the media tries to downplay it. They seek political ends… by means of force, threats, intimidation, coercion, and violence… to obtain their agenda…to silence opposing voices, to deny free speech.
BLM and Antifa have been the ‘foot soldiers’ for the left, and Democrat controlled localities have surrendered law and order to them.

We do not teach history today, not true history, and far too much is lost to many… far too many can not even name the three branches of government (including the PRIDE of Boston University, AOC… who claimed it was The House, The Senate, and The President… and she was elected to office)… nor can they name the FIVE rights contained in the First Amendment… and far too many other things that should be known by all or at least MOST Americans.


IMO-The masses are ungrateful, ignorant and lazy. We live in the age of abundance, convienance and connectivity. Aside from the inner city bs that pops up like its a season in the weather (i.e. Riot Season) America is not a bad place to be. Even during a “pandemic”. For most who can think and decide for themselves and take action life is pretty good.

“… You gotta get out to work and face reality
You gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load
And you gotta keep goin’ down the long black road (Long black road)”


If anyone missed this in 2010 it might be worth reading or reading again.
America’s Ruling Class | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The biggest red flag I’m seeing is the open call for violence against people based on political affiliation. The Rep. In Michigan being a prime example but not the only one. I voted for Trump both times, but I dont hate or have any level of ill feelings towards people who don’t agree with me or live a different life then me. I’m capable of violence BUT as with most people in this community it’s the absolutely last thing I want to have happen. Now because a Rep. In Michigan called soldiers to make them pay, me and countless people like me feel we are less safe even tho we have done no wrong towards anyone.

I’m very blessed to live in an area were the level of violence being called for will be smothered quickly. However I have friends and family that are not as fortunate.

All this ridiculous behavior and we haven’t gotten to the hard topics. Great post hopefully we keep inside the guidelines and keep talking, it helps


I think the election was rigged, and the truth will come out. many of you will disagree and that’s OK, the incoming administration will not be good for this country or for the 2nd amendment, and it was evident for the last eight years under the Obama era when he was VP, every time you turn around ole Joe will be violating the 2nd amendment and other constitutional rights, because he doesn’t care about infringing on the rights of the American people, why, because he along with the rest of his gang of misfits endorse ANTIFA, BLM and the Proud Boys to invoke violence, and don’t care if people get hurt or killed, and it all started in Minnesota, and when he was hiding in his basement during his campaign and even during the debate’s, he nor Harris did not once disavow the violence, his administration will push socialism, pitting people against people, and then communism comes next, all the more reason why we need to put our petty differences aside, and unite as one, we have to protect our values and, what is most precious to us, and that is our familes, loved ones, and the ones who cannot defend themselves.


Soft times makes soft people


I actually typed that first but then, I thought that wasn’t right.

Or imagine that the way the system is set up it plays the same way out like it did in 1860. The electoral votes set up make some states more powerful than others. Population is the factor on this, as it was in 1860. The southern states felt robbed since Lincoln, one of four runners for the Presidency was not even on the southern states ticket as a choice, then was elected as President. It made the southern states feel as though they had no say in the election. The more populated states like New York with now, 19.4 Million people compared to Arizona 7 million, has more say to the election.


I see a few safety valves. There are movements in red states controlled by blue counties (IL, CA) to separate and form new states. These movements will gain a lot of support if Biden gets sworn in. I also see civil disobedience in the form of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary counties. The rule of law is the most fragile infrastructure in the US, one side won’t be able to ignore law for long before the other side ignores it too.


Formally/legally dividing seems really unlikely as it’ll all eventually have to be put back in the box (together) again. To me, the best choice seems to be to move enough red folks around the country to take all of the states in the next election and then not pussyfoot around once they’re in power again. :slight_smile: