Historical 10mm Ammo Prices?

10mm is a new caliber for me, so I don’t know how much ammo historically cost. By historical, I mean say 2 to 3 years ago before our current ammo supply and demand drove prices up. Right now it appears to be available for about 75 cents per round for brass case FMJ target ammo.

For contrast I was buying 9mm brass target FMJ for 16 to 20 cents per round a couple of years ago.

Just curious how close to what some of us think of as “normal” are we for 10mm?

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Hazy on this, and don’t have a 10, but mid 2019 I was putting another pistol together and had the choice of sticking with .45 acp or going 10 mm for the build, and iirc , both calibers were within a cent or 2, and I was getting .45acp for 27 cents a round +/-. Thinking 10 was 29-30. Stuck with .45 as I had a supply already.


My non expert opinion is that the more common rounds 9/5.56 in particular, multiplied in price first due to demand, while the less demanded rounds increased at a delay, and now it seems the 9 and 5.56-.223 have gotten back closer to pre covid/defundthepolice levels, (though still 50-110 percent higher), most likely due to production being focused on those rounds. Hoping the lesser sought calibers come down in time. My neighbor just bought a case of .45acp for .66/ round…I didn’t have the heart to tell him “GunBroker is not your friend, Ammoseek is.”



Cost more, yes. That said. Even when the local dealers were out of 9/40/45/357, they had boxes and boxes of 10mm, since it wasn’t as widely used.


The wayback machine has what you are looking for back to 2014 :

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