Hillaroius Political Tactical Error

No, not another tweet by President Trump…….this group of Dems decided to have a Gun Control townhall…location??? wait for it………….THE LOCAL INDOOR GUN RANGE!!! And the members showed up!!! This was funny as heck to me Who did they expect to show up??? One thing I will disagree with the Pro2A female club member is that we should have more of these types of meetings at our ranges…I’d go to every single one…with popcorn in hand! :smiley:


Link to the TAG story around the video: Michigan Dems Scheduled a Gun Control Rally at a Shooting Range...It Didn't Go Well - The Truth About Guns


As my local radio show says “What could possibly go wrong!” as a matter of fact I may forward it to the host as I am sure he will have a good time with it.




Oh.My.Lordy WHAT were they thinking? You book a gun control meeting under a FALSE name… why? Because you’re trying to pull a fast one. Although why they thought it would go well when they’re in a GUN RANGE… :scream: :scream: :no_good_woman: :woman_facepalming:

And then you yell at the assembled gun range and shooting club members that the NRA has to go? :scream:

I can’t even… :woman_facepalming:

I’m trying to get my head around how much you’d have to have lost total touch with the real world to think that would work…

YeahNOPE. Can’t do it. Hurts my brain too much.


Anyone have a link to the video? All the links mention a video, but no video…

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Try this @Fred_G go to link below…video is at the top of the page…


Thanks. Seems to be a browser issue. Opera does not show the video in your link, but Firefox does… Stupid computer. :crazy_face:

Yeah, ahh, what could go wrong with this meeting. I would have liked to ask the congress critters how their security was armed.


@Zee @Everyone Zee is Commerce Township is that your Michigan area?
Does everyone see how radicalized left, far left, and Democrats in general have become in such a short time? If you think you don’t have to vote on General Election Day- You Do; if you don’t especially like Trump just consider a President named Elizabeth Warren or a President named Kamala Harris, or a Cory Booker, or if the DNC throws a Hail Mary pass and a Hillary Clinton surfaces from the pits of Hell.


@Robert8, about 30 miles from where I work. :woman_facepalming:
Didn’t hear about this except on here… I’d have gone :scream:

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I know you will my friend. But the Chicago way is Democrats raise their voices and see next, nobody can talk to be understood, honestly, they perfected that side show generations ago. When nobody can talk they win.
Like a bunch of Carnival Barkers seriously
See how sneaky they are? The owners didn’t even realize what was going on until they did. Right under their noses

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Members of Michigan Open Carry showed up. The article I read earlier was obviously written by the left as it was full of lamentations about not being able to discuss gun control reasonably.

Of course we’re done discussing it reasonably. We’ve been pushed far enough.


I love that guy Mr Mark Robinson his speech is amazing.

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Well…the representative screaming at the top of her lungs that the NRA needs to be abolished…that sounded like real reasonable dialogue there.

Sorry the crowd boos you because you proffer an unpopular opinion with that crowd. I think that tends to be how political town halls work now days.

Btw, who are they kidding, they didn’t want a discussion…they wanted to lecture and subsequent compliance. Ha!! Wrong room for that!!


Common sense? Where?


Representative Haley Stevens making a total ass out of herself last evening at the “Ending Gun Violence” event we attended.

We were happy to do an interview with Fox 2 News (even though they mispelled our owner’s last name), who did a pretty good job of showing just how full potato this woman is.

Some facts about the event:

  1. The Multi Lakes Conservation Club rented their hall to “Fems for Life”, unaware of what the group planned to do. In reality, the group is called “Fems for Dems” and represents a radical wing of progressives pushing issues such as gun confiscation, Red Flag Laws, and the decriminalization of illegal border crossings.

  2. The audience was not allowed to ask direct questions - rather, questions were submitted on notecards and ‘selected’ by Rep. Steven’s handler. As you may guess, nearly all of the questions were those submitted by the Mom’s Demand Action types in attendance.

  3. When they were forced to answer a question regarding gun violence in Chicago - where guns are practically banned - they provided a false claim that the fault lies with Indiana, and refused to allow any follow up or rebuttal questions which would have easily debunked this assertion.

  4. Stevens closed out her embarrassing showing by screaming “the NRA has got to go!!!” at the top of her lungs in an obvious attempt to provoke the crowd and stoke the already burning flames.

  5. When it became clear that their position was based on nothing more than emotional chanting, the event was cut short ‘because of safety concerns’.

  6. In a short discussion we had after the event, State Representative Robert Whittenberg made it clear that the safety and security of your family is the responsibility of the government, not the private citizen, and that he felt it was within his power to regulate semi-automatic rifles ‘for the good of many’.

We will be doing everything that we can, both financially and materially, to ensure these people do not see a second term in Michigan.

This was posted by Fenix Ammo, also in attendance at the farce, err town hall.


I think it was intentional rather than an error looking at the story.

Pretty stupid and dishonest since they misrepresented what the meeting was going to be about and who was booking the range.


I think the error part was in thinking the membership wouldn’t find out………and then attend……and then NOT roll-over… :slight_smile:


Nobody ever talks about how many lives are save by CCW citizens or law enforcement for that matter. HMMMMM!!!


In a related story, the Chicago Police held a “Stop the Gun Violence” event last night at 2am in the Engelwood neighborhood with a local charitable group, the Gangster Disciples. The outcome? No further events have been planned.

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My team loves it when I play videos from the Community. We are all shaking our heads at this one… :woman_facepalming:

There was a comment that the gun owners were coming from a place where they believe the politicians want to take their guns, but the gun owners shouldn’t think that.

Um… one of the Democratic Presidential Candidates has already said he will…

What a fun video for this morning :roll_eyes:


I know, lol…if you don’t want us to think it…the other side should stop saying it…and more importantly attempting to execute it with various “bans.” :roll_eyes: