High burglary rates in gun control countries

Could religion have played a role in keeping keep the burglary rate low in the United States?

In other countries, the burglary rate can be higher.

In most western countries, people don’t go to church etc.

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I don’t know, man… I’ve been to a few countries (both Western and Far East), and in many of them where the general populace was considered religious the crime (let’s say against most universal religious teachings) was pretty high. IMO, reduction in crime might be better attributable to the potential to get caught and face some form of punishment, as well as things like the quality of life of poverty stricken individuals.


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Land and different beliefs are what cause most conflict. I think that we’d all be better off without any deities. One of the pluses about the young ones is that they seem to have a much better hold on reality in that regard.


I don’t think that religion is a cause for crime.


There is no use in comparing two countries in my opinion. Factors that contribute to crime vary so much, that drawing conclusions is not scientific.