HI all I'm new to this & Guns

I’m 73 yrs Old & this is my first gun. A S&W M&P 380. I feel the country is going down Hill & I hope to be able to defend myself & my wife when we are travelling in our RV. I like to boondock & who knows who is lurking out there these days. I need all the training & help I can get. So my CCW instructor suggested joining USCCW. The training facility is a USCCW partner. BELLATOR FIREARMS TRAINING.
The owner is exmilitary & so is her husband. Hope to learn a lot from them. I live I Northern Nevada.


@Richard384 Welcome to the community. We are glad to have you. You are definitely in the right place and surrounded by great people.


Thank you Marrio


Honored to know you are here Richard. Looking forward to learning from you. I had once given that same model 380 a lot of thought as a potential purchase. Happy trails, that sounds awesome what you do.

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Welcome @Richard384, great to have you here.

Welcome aboard, @Richard384 . There is a wealth of information available here.

Learn from me, l’m a rank beginner. Going to the range for the first time this next weekend & shooting the 380 for the first time. Need to get ready for my CCW test. Hope to do okay.

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Welcome,remember as we get more mature our reflexes slow,so always allow more than enough distance to address any situation. Stay safe,stay smart,keep the bad guys along ways away,and use your incredible wisdom to stay out of any potential issues.

Glad to say hi ,here

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Hello and welcome @Richard384 .You’re in Gardnerville? I’m in Stagecoach just east of Dayton. We have a sweet little spot with tables and chairs, targets can go out to 298. My first class was with Chris at Bullseye NV(BASE) in Gardnerville, great instructor.

Welcome to the Community @Richard384. Good luck on your journey to self-defense & proficiency with your very 1st handgun. Unfortunately, the country is on a path toward destruction and those driving the bus just floored it after disabling the brakes. Congrats on the S&W M&P 380. I have a friend who has one with the Crimson Trace laser. He likes it.


You might want to go to youtube.com and search for videos on “slide bite”. Here’s an example:
How NOT to shoot a semi-automatic Pistol - YouTube

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Welcome to the Community @Richard384

Welcome to the Community!

We are the same age and you sound level headed. Use the training on the site and local range time to hone your skills.

Welcome Richard384! You took a big step in the right direction. Train and practice. Remember the best conflict is the one avoided. Practice situational awareness.

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Welcome brother!!

We’re close to the same age. we also like to boondock in our MH. I’ve owned firearms all my life, mostly hunting guns, but a fair number of handguns as well. I typically carry 3 firearms in the MH, a Remington 870 Wingmaster, a .357 security-six and/or a SR9c, plus my pocket gun a LCR .380. Only the .380 goes outside with me in normal activities. My thinking is the MH is the same as my stick & brick place and so the MH is protected in the same ways. That’s just me…

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Thank you all for your welcome & comments. I hope to learn a lot from all of you.

Rick Towner
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Welcome and as long as you keep an open mind you will never stop learning here.

Thank You

Right on @Richard384. Welcome to the community!