Hey Three Gunners - What's your rig?

I was going to post this in the “what was your first ever purchase” thread, because they are kind of related. My friends were just getting into competitive shooting, and I was hooked on three gun, the first time I did it)
So without further adieu my First Three:!
1st. Colt LE 6920 Magpul setup
(one of my friends wanted to sell me his MP Sport, I found it to be a little too poppy for me, but I did buy his)
2nd. Slightly used Mossberg SPX 930 (and he regretted every time we had to compete against one another)
3rd.Sig Sauer P226 (although now my springfield compact has been the go to)

no scopes, red dots, night sites…just straight up iron

what a unhappy little target

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My first 3 Gun match was an absolute $h!t show. I had been out of guns for 5 years due to location. All three guns combined had a grand total of 35 rounds down range prior to the match. It also happened to be the hottest day in VA that year and an buddy of mine had come in town the night before so I was a little “Dry”.

I ran a Beretta 92FS, HK/Benellie Super 90, and a 16" parts gun that I sighted in the day before. They are still my go to rigs for 3 gun but I learned not to load 15 +1 in the pistol (Bang! Mag fall out). The thumb goes along side the stock on the shotty not over it or you get a bloody nose with a 3" slug and a 25 yd off hand zero is not good for 200+ yards. The guns haven’t changed but my preparation is much better and I have mag pouches now.