Here’s a fun one: Glock 17L frame Gen 2

Okay, guys, I have a fun one for you.
I’m looking to begin a project for the wife. She LOVES my (inherited) Gen 2 17L, but since it’s a numbers-matching piece, I’d like to keep it intact if I could.
I have a Gen 2 17 that I was going to use as a base for a new 17L, but the 17 frame is shaped differently that the 17L in a way that makes it uncomfortable for her hands.
SO. I’m looking to see if anyone, long shot as it may be(no pun intended), knows where I might be able to get my mitts on a Gen 2 17L frame.
As a side note, I’m not sure if this post is kosher for this forum?



GSSF purchase program has 17L available… might be 3rd gen, i don’t know much about the 17L’s as I have a G34 gen5 MOS… but you’ll save for sure, and get a complete 17L.

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I’ve never thought of that!

I’ll check it out ASAP.

Thanks, teeg!

Do u know about the GSSF purchase program?
Once per year per member, you can buy a Glock at roughly blue label pricing… and it’s actually that the dealerships order a blue label that’s been set-aside.

Step 1: get a GSSF membership for 2+ years (single year doesn’t count!), and then wait for your “coupon” (it’s an extra membership card that says it’s a coupon basically),
Step 2: call local gun shops to see who does blue label (MOST not all that do blue label also do GSSF)…
Step 3: go order (they do NOT let you buy a shelf stocked gun, it MUST be ordered blue label!)
Step 4: wait, then pick up :slight_smile:

I was actually able to order mine over the phone and just pick it up when it arrived.

No, I never have heard of it; not a GSSF member.

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But if anyone here has a spare or knows where I could get one, I’d be grateful.