Health event while carrying

I’ve been carrying since Illinois passed Licensure Law in 2013. As I’ve gotten older it occurs to me that a health emergency like a heart attack, or other event could render me unconscious or worse, leaving me and my carry weapon to EMT’s and responding law enforcement. Obviously law enforcement would confiscate any weapons found at the scene.

How might one prepare for such an event?

A brief discussion of this topic with the USCCA suggests that legal documents be prepared to allow specific family members the authority to retrieve any legal weapons after the fact.

Are there any experiences or thoughts on the subject?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Bill E.


Some thoughts from the past. :slightly_smiling_face:

What would you do: Car accident - Firearm Training / Mental Training - USCCA Community (


I have to check this again but my understanding is my wife, as long as she’s not a prohibited person, has equal rights to my firearms so she could claim them.


Though she could be with you and if your event is some type of accident she could be dealing with similar health issues herself. Probably not a bad idea to make sure you have it in writing that she can claim your property and also have a backup name or two listed as options as well. I’ll need to look into doing this myself. Want to make sure my property gets returned home ASAP and eventually passed on to my son should I not survive the event.


Always on point with the links