Headphones With Situational Awareness

I wanted to just share a piece of technology I was unaware of. A family members who works in construction and likes to bike shared these with me. I ride a skateboard a lot and I like to listen to music while I do so. I used to use earbuds, but I realized plugging my ear was not the safest option with cars coming down the road, so I bought a pair of “Bone Conduction Headphones”. I had to go to the store today and I realized these may be a good option for people who have to be on there phone for work, but want to remain situationally aware.

I can walk from my truck to the store with these headphones, without plugging my ears. So I am still aware of my surroundings. You can use these for hands free talking as well.

I do realize, this device could potentially interfere with ones situational awareness, BUT I think it is a better option than ear plugs or holding a phone to your ear. Just wanted to share.


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There’s another thread on this somewhere, I have these and really like them for walking the dogs. I can still hear cars and people with a low volume. I have used them while riding my bike but prefer to not use them as the wind noise is to much at 20 mph.