He wanted to do it - What Law Changes His Mind?

This is a case where no law in hell would have stopped this guy from using a firearm against another person. No Red Flag Law, No Criminal Use of a Firearm law, No Domestic Assault Law. He made up his mind and did the deed. Really sad stuff for sure.
How Do We Stop This Nonsense?


Many, many, many people need to do a better job of raising their kids–boys and girls–to actually think and make better decisions in all areas of life. That used to be a thing; not so much anymore.


Who is this Niko guy in the story? Chris and his wife are 62 years old. While Niko is 34, maybe a son? Niko was drunk on the porch with Chris when cops arrived but who is he and how does he fit into the story?

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Thought it was a nice touch for that article to actually include a list of programs which offer domestic violence counseling. Similarly for behavioral health.

We might never stop all such nonsense, but maybe we are already helping to lower such instances, by such programs and by some laws. Maybe. If I do not have faith, them I’d be lost. Had my moments of doubt.

You can’t.

Welcome to police work. Every cop has shifts where they go from one impossible family fight to another. Then, they go home and their spouse asks “How was your day hon?” “Just same ole, same ole. Went to a fight where a 62 year old man – who coulda been my grandpa, shot his wife of 40 years 5 times. Are we out of whiskey?”

Imagine being 24 years old and every single day, encountering and being tasked with trying to sort out an impossible domestic violence case. You simply cannot fix a relationship that has gotten so bad that one spouse shoots another, but neither spouse is willing to do something as simple as leave.


I wonder if compassion can be taught or is it something we either have or do not have.

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I think compassion can be taught. Whether or not it sticks depends on the person.


I pray it can be taught again again and again and again until it becomes an addiction.


I don’t know. I have a feeling that compassion is an innate characteristic which varies in intensity from person to person. However, what can be taught is the social importance of compassion, as well as (forgive me here) the utility of compassion. What can also be taught is the likely consequences of the presence or absence of compassion in a given situation. One can also learn to detect the presence or absence of compassion in an individual, which can be important when dealing with them. That all sounds rather Machiavellian, doesn’t it?

I can say that, in a completely unscientific way, I have encountered a few people whose particular upbringing had the effect of damping down any ‘natural’ compassion they may have possessed, only to see it re-awakened later in their lives as a result of certain personal experiences they had. An artifact of the “nature -vs- nurture” school of thought, I suppose.

What I do believe is that, regardless of an individual’s capacity for love, or compassion, or empathy, or sympathy, they can be taught to know that actions inevitably have consequences. The likely consequences can be reasoned out fairly accurately, given sufficient knowledge of the culture and customs of the society in which one is operating (Subject to the staggering number of variables involved, of course.)

As with all things, compassion, empathy, sympathy, and even love can be ultimately harmful when exhibited in excess. What’s that old saying? “Too much kindness can be too little mercy.”

It’s a shifty, twisty, unreliable universe we live in, most especially the personal universe of our own minds.

(This is probably more of a response than you were looking for. :blush:)


That was a perfect response, and not too perfect.

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Yes Sir Mark697,

Leave! Simply gather some sh–! and leave (their choice for it to be a permanent change of address, or just a ‘cooling off period’ (which they use on us so we can’t purchase a firearm immediately but I digress–as usual!
The LACK of personal accountability , Integrity or Maturity? is so far off the charts these days from when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and 40’s is staggering. In this case (to him) she’s a beeotch! Where he loses credibility though is he’s probably drunk when he blows. Ergo, he may BE a drunk and she just harps on his heinnie till he explodes. (not smart on eithers part but sh-- happens) Probably a huge number of ‘domestics’ our brothers in Blue face daily. Alcohol/drugs, stupidity and No balls to get out of a toxic situation = Violent ends.
“Niko” drunken piss boy, is ‘probably’ their wonderful son. He and drunken daddy have a bond because Momma now perforated (5) times was probably on the number one son as well, so daddy ventilates his wife and goes out on the porch with his worthless seed and has a beer waiting for the cops fantastic! Just another day in America. The pressure people are under w/ a ridiculous .gov, Puddin’ Pants who can’t even navigate a stage, steps, or his mouth, a self serving .gov going out of their way to starting WW3 inside our own borders/ amongst our own people is a recipe for disaster. I will omit my usual rant about Armed Insurgents crossing the Border and all the ways the Trillionaires are trying to whittle down us useless eaters (I guess I went there anyway (Mea Culpa). Today I find myself more and more self isolated from the Masses. I find my health, sleeping patterns and less consumption of comfort foods make’s Donald a happier camper. When I venture out these day’s I am surprised when I don’t find patches of hair missing from my scalp because of the idiocy people perpetuate on each other on a daily basis. No Media from empty suits also helps, a recent change to my stupid insistence to stay ‘current’ and know what’s going on is my deletion of my ‘Social media accounts’ right there I find my heartburn and headaches lessen and I have a more fulfilling and happier home life.

I face facts and my experience tells me MOST PEOPLE ARE JUST SH-- STUPID.
have a great rest of the day Gunners. I appreciate you all.


I like the way you verbiage Brother, It makes me think, and that is a wonderful thing.

If you don’t mind I will probably steal this line you wrote:
“It’s a shifty, twisty, unreliable universe we live in, most especially the personal universe of our own minds”.
THAT is some Quality word salad Brother (although as mentioned above I ‘opted out’ of all other Anti-Social media forums because of said human stupidity) and I won’t be dumb enough to re-use it here so maybe I will just have to satisfy myself knowing that You and others here are smarter than the average bears out there and be humble in the intelligence of you all (mostly :wink:) display.

good Job Sir A+++

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Thanks, @Don102 .

P.S.: Use the line if you wish.

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