He seems a bit upset... opinions?

You’re right Brother. It’s here now, and just getting started. The MSM is doing their best to keep this unreported. I often watch evening news just to keep an eye on what they’re saying, and all that was mentioned were some “protests on the Brooklyn and Gokden Gate Bridges blocking some traffic.” Understatement?? Seriously, they think they’ll be able to keep a lid on this?


You know, if they do significant damage to those parts of the country, I would shed crocodile tears.


I generally dont take advice from digital pimps awaiting trial for human trafficking and rape


I don’t know if people realize this emotional guy, when he is talking about a piece is sh!t, he is talking about the guy who stabbed Mar Mari

If all these protesters that hate America and are pro-Hamas/Hez would really back what they believe they would head on over to iran to help their cause.
Put up or shut up.


Haven’t seen much of this silliness around here, a flag or two but so far nobody has tried to stop traffic.


If I see this guy walking down the street toward me w/AK in hands and I’m stuck in traffic, we’re going to have a misunderstanding.


Oh yes, let’s all sit down for a lecture from an internet pimp that converted to Islam because he thinks it allows him to be a d-bag and be righteous about it. That anyone gives this guy an audience is proof of how abjectly ignorant our society has become.


From the article (Good article K by the way)

“They (PROTESTER’S) do it because, as they see it, you have no rights that they must respect.

The article clearly stated that these are the same (not actual people but cut from the same cloth)
Protestor’s who were at the BLM 'rally’s" years ago
Shite stirrer’s who bring NOTHING to the table.

You wish to be useful? You think Gaza Palestine are getting a raw deal? Fly over there strap on a VEST and DO SOMETHING about it! You chant, you rage , you lie down in the streets ten you go back to your cushy College dorms or mama’s house and rage to your parents (who are sick of hearing your bullshite probably) GET A JOB! Be an EARNER not a blood suckin’ Leach! Wake the phuck up!

Not enough Coffee…




This is what Utah did about blocking traffic and running over people:

57 (5) A motor vehicle operator who unintentionally causes injury or death to an
58 individual is not criminally liable for the injury or death, if:
59 (a) the injury or death occurs while the motor vehicle operator is fleeing from a riot,
60 under a reasonable belief that fleeing is necessary to protect the motor vehicle operator from
61 serious injury or death; and
62 (b) the motor vehicle driver exercises due care at the time of the death or injury

Makes it a little less attractive to block the freeway in Utah. Certainly some legal weasel words in there so I wouldn’t recommend plowing through a crowd of protesters but in some cases it may be legal.


Unless anger can turn into love, I disagree. Unless people have a love for life and protecting it, I see know other rational way.

My guess is that your reaction would actually be indicative of the fact that you understand him quite well. :smiley:


But THAT is their Goal! To piss everybody off Brother!
Disruption and Distraction!
Useful IDIOT’S!
Maybe in their Tiny minds they feel they can
Make a difference, Change our hearts and minds…
Well, We all know that plan is a failure dead in it’s infancy
before it is hatched!


It seems pissing people off seems to be the response of choice when people get POed. I hope I am wrong. The response of choice should be not to get POed in the first place. I call that controlling one’s anger. Just sayin. :rofl:
Not really sarcasm but I’ll call it sarcasm so no one gets pissed.

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