HBO "The Last of Us".

Is anyone watching the HBO series “The Last of Us”?

Episode 4 was 2-5-2023. Basically a fungus created Zombie Apocalypse, mixed with a travel buddy movie. It’s based off of a PlayStation 5 video game (bite me I’ve already said I was a gigantic nerd :nerd_face:).

It’s the first I’ve seen an entertainment show actually demonstrate an actual technique. The protagonist is taking a person, who has been found to be immune to the fungi zombies, and delivering her to Wyoming. While he searches for his brother.

Anyways at one point. The protagonist begins the lesson by unloading and clearing the gun (he did leave the ejected round on the floor, so it wasn’t the best clear and make safe. But more than I have seen shows do) then he shows the girl how to grip a handgun correctly (she is completely new to firearms in the story).

I’m thinking that maybe Alec Baldwin’s legal issues with firearm handling has struck some sense into Hollywood. But…

You had to know it was to good to be true, because as soon as she gripped the handguns she pointed it straight at the Camero and pulled the trigger.

I know there are movies and shows that have very good firearm handling for, (accomplished) shooters but was the first time, that I can recall, of someone allegedly “new” to firearms being taught something that initially close to real.


I played that game when it originally came out back on the PS3 I think. Good way to avoid cabin fever on snowy winter days:)

If Hollywood truly cared about firearm safety they would make sure they hire actual firearm experts to make sure their action hero’s show safe firearm handling techniques. Especially since TV and movies are the only place the anti self defense crowd seem to get their information from and they seem to firmly believe that information makes them experts in firearm safety.


I liked where they pick up weapons during a fight (or, am I confusing it with Fauda?)
Unlike most Hollywood scenes where precious firepower is left with the dead.

So far, so good, except one scene— why use a bolt action when a semi auto would have been more appropriate.


Yeah, I was curious about that selection. Since Bill and Frank had a pretty extensive armory. Plus, he left the firearms of the 2 guys ambushing him and left all of the supplies from his truck when he wrecked.

That’s something that irks me. It will completely drop me out of my suspension of disbelief. You are in a struggle for your life, you kill a guy with your hands, but then you leave the body armor, the pistol, the battle rifle, and the radio.

Gimme a break.

I’m taking all of it and finding me a spot to try to snipe a few bad guys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But, it pales in comparison to Burt Gummer’s :wink:

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A Marine QRF armory pales in comparison to Burt Gummer’s armory. :joy::rofl:


I lost count of how many years it was to the point of this movie from the beginning of the Kaos to them going out of Boston. With this point I ask, where are they getting all the ammo from? Because I know with all the initial shooting in the first year that the ammo supplies would be dwindling.

Then if you shoot the infected and their blood and guts fly around all over the place, how do you keep from being infected? Just asking.

If you are traveling in a hostile terrain you need to scout out ways of travel to prevent ambushes, dead ends, or blocked avenues to get from point A to point B. This is a slow way to travel but it is the safest way to travel. Geez, haven’t they ever gone on a long road trip?

I am enjoying this series!!!


I suspect many people in the US are much better at stocking ammo than stocking up food. Once the food delivery infrastructure breaks down and everyone starts offing each other for the last available scraps I think there would still be a lot of ammo left over.

But in the game, if I am remembering correctly, ammo was much harder to come by and you had to find components so you could combine them to make the ammo at work benches along the way.

  1. Siphoning Gas out of a car that’s been sitting in the open for 20 years

  2. Canned Food sitting for 20 years.

So many things bother me about this.


I told my wife to ignore expiration dates and buy only Chef Boyardee products :wink:


LGS used to give Saturday lessons on making ammo. Money was tight at the time so I let an opportunity to learn pass me by. LGS is no longer in business.


That’s a point I have made. If you’re in an apocalypse, why would you use a road straight through the city. Granted I would scavenge in a city by stealth but no way in heck am I driving through the city.


Funny, as I was reading your post, I was eating a can of peach’s that were 5 years past date,
been doing so all week. I restocked some of my food bins, I check them every 2 years, so I have been eating up the older cans. Tuna, beans and fruit I have not gotten sick and all you notice is a slight tinny taste. 5 years is my date limit.


They say that to every tale or myth there is some truth to it, the story is derived from a fungus that has affected some ants and changed their behavior and that there are funguses that are becoming more hazardous to humans.
So, do you want mushrooms on that? or not?


Then there is slime mold, but it is not a fungus!
This Pulsating Slime Mold Comes in Peace (ft. It’s Okay to Be Smart) | Deep Look - Bing video


Saw the first three episodes. Entertaining show.

That’s it, I gonna go “scrub my tub”. LOL.