Have you won a gun on the USCCA gun give away?

I just won November 7th gun raffle I’m stoked !!! I wish i remembered what gun it was either way I’ll be buying a new one soon I never win anything this is AWESOME!


congratulations! It is awesome to hear about someone winning!


Hello, welcome, and congratulations. :tada:
I’m still waiting on my check, it’s been 3 years and 4 months! :grinning:


Tue Nov 7th 2023 the ‘gun of the day’ was a Springfield Echelon, value (and thus check amount) $613


Welcome to the community @Robert1455 and to the Gun of the Day winners club!

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Just wanted to update my earlier post. Going to this link used to sign me out and bring me to the sign in page which I can do with two clicks thanks to my password being saved. But something changed a little while ago and I now just get brought to a page showing what the gun of the day is. So now I have to click on the log out button then click on the log in link to sign back in. It’s a little more of a hassle but still pretty quick. Ideally we would all be entered in the drawing just for visiting the website or forum if we are already signed in but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way.

So where is the list? I haven’t found any but the original list.

The most important thing to know is that if you win, you will be emailed about it so you can get W9 info in to Delta Defense and get a check for the value of that day’s gun sent to you.

Don’t rely on checking a list for your name, just watch your email. :slight_smile:


I just checked the winner’s list. Unless there is another Gary H in Florida, then apparently I won. I check my emails every day and did not receive one, much less two emails from either USCCA nor Delta.

@Robert1455 , did you receive an email? If Yes, who did it come from?

Gary H

The USCCA Winners List is here: USCCA Winners List | USCCA Gun & Gun Gear Giveaways (usconcealedcarry.com)

I used the “Find on Page” feature of my internet browser to find Gary H


I really really want a new gun!

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