Have you considered

We train all the time,but what if the attack is directed at you from outside of your car?

Have you trained and thought through what happens when you shoot from inside your car,through the windshield at the threat?

Have you trained for stopping a threat by shooting into a vehicle through the windshield?

What happens if you shoot through the side window glass into the cat.

How about shooting through the side window glass from inside the car.

If you understand you may not need to shoot real glass.

Have you considered?

Car windows
Home windows
Office windows
What say we all

Gunsite Academy spends 1 day out of it’s 5 day B.R.A.V.E. course on inside and around your vehicle assault defense. Needless to say it’s very comprehensive, detailed and intense, right down to the proper way to unbuckle your seat-belt the correct way.

You have a lot of great questions here, every single one of them.
P365 is correct on deflections through glass, especially tempered glass.

I guess if I were to help and give any advise that I learned was to “Get out of the vehicle as quick as you can” It’s basically a coffin on wheels. An interesting note, when we did this training inside the vehicles, the sound of gun fire even with hearing protection was nothing like I have ever experienced.

I just don’t know how to answer them here in this forum, how do you condense 9 hours of intense training into words. Mind boggling, :slight_smile:


They are doing a defense from inside a vehicle seminar at the Expo this year. Since I frequently travel through St Louis, I signed up for it. Every auto glass other than the windshield will shatter. The windshield is layered glass and plastic to prevent shattering. That’s why I keep a second spare mag, with ball Ammo in it when headed to St Louis. Ball, and round like Extreme Penetrators and Extreme Defenders are barrier blind.

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Dozens and Dozens of you-tube videos on dozens and dozens different make, model and flavor of rounds by people with more information, time, money and equipment then I have. That’s why I carry Hornady Critical Defence and or Critical Duty. And it works flawlessly in all of my hand guns.