Have you changed your mind about something because of something posted in the USCCA community forums?

Have you changed your mind about something because of something posted in the USCCA community forums? Please explain your answer.

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So far… nope.
USCCA Community is not a place that could make myself thinking differently.
I’ve been founding a lot of good advices, explanations but nothing that would change my mind.
This place is a great source of additional knowledge, which always has to be verified.


I can’t think of anything in particular but the fact that you asked makes me think you have something.

No, this community here and the forum on Palmetto’s are my only means of any kind of social media. I know we can get off track at times, but it’s nice to hear stories of others and pictures as well.


Yep. That this forum has changed drastically in the last few years.



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These threads belong to everyone who is a member here. You’re stuck with me now.

Mike270 :clown_face:


I have been a member of the community since I first signed up for a free account with USCCA. At the time, it seemed overwhelming with all of the different topics. Now that I have been able to spend some focused time here, it is pretty easy to navigate. I can always find an answer to any questions that I may have.

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One of the things i read here being a wahm is being mindful how I answer the door for any delivery. Protection is either on my person or near the front door.


Have you?

Carrying with one in the pipe has changed, still don’t trust Glocks or any other SA without a thumb safety. DA only I would consider without thumb safety. I’m a DA/SA person.

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My mind and opinions are constantly adapting and evolving based on the events and information I encounter every day. This forum is a good source of information. I can’t point to any one point it has changed but I’m sure it’s had an impact on the evolutionary process.

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Doveryai, no proveryai!
Given a lot of thought to some of the opinions posted, but none have changed my mind!
Maybe there’s one thing! How to speak online! I was notorious in my rants. Now I’m a “little” more reserved! I said a little! :pinching_hand:
I still believe in “To ride, Shoot straight, and Speak the truth “. -Jeff Cooper
Yes, my mind was changed, don’t speak the truth in public or online, only among family and closest friends. I call it as I see it. Saved my life on many occasions!

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I was trained to be an instructor using the pie chart as an analysis tool. Since that article about the pie chart came out a couple of months ago, I have been paying much more attention to the actual moment that the firearm discharges and what my students and myself (when I am the shooter) were doing from a different perspective and believe that the shot was set up before the sear broke. That bullet is in the barrel about 1/1000th of a second. Very little time to influence the ballistics. You can see it in a shooters face. They will have a look when they are anticipating, or tired of the barrel shaking, or worried about the recoil when they “snap” off the shot. Did they squint? Did they close their eyes? Was the head and or body already moving backwards? Did they look over the shot to the target? I am learning a lot more about the shot being off target because of the setup. In hindsight, what I thought I was mentoring using the pie chart was actually just putting a random label on something that I could not really explain because I was not paying close attention but it made me sound knowledgeable. To tell someone that has only a few hundred “snapped off” shots that they are flinching or anticipating is easy. That is where we all started. They don’t know enough to counter the evaluation and it just gives them something else to worry about. They don’t need to be told they had their tongue in the wrong place when they pressed the trigger. Don’t work on a problem that doesn’t exist. Telling someone they mashed the trigger press is easy. Helping them to get comfortable with the activity is the instructor/mentors main purpose when working with a new student. With a seasoned student we can help them polish the skills like getting the grip the same, putting the finger on the trigger the same, sight alignment, sight picture, extension, press, etc. The seasoned shooter will learn and feel their own mistakes. I think the pie chart is a crutch when we don’t know enough to do an analysis and don’t have the skills to provide mentorship.