Have You Built an AR Lower

I’ve already got some ideas for updating my rifle, but for now I’m just going to enjoy having it, @Thomas79. I think I’ll ask my kids to make it the staple for any gifts to me going forward (parts for upgrading my current AR or toward a second AR build). My son did an awesome job picking out this set up for me and we’ve already been discussing things we both want to do to our guns.

(BTW, they’ve already requested a repeat of my Christmas present to them this year for next year - we all got tattoos together. I’m great with that idea because it forces all three kids to be together with me in one place for about half a day with limited outside interruptions. :wink: )


Be careful Mrs. Dawn you’re standing on the edge of the AR platform rabbit hole, it can be costly and addictive :grin:


lol…burst into flames…hahaha…somehow being a guy I can fully and completely understand that…LOL…bursting into flames…hahahaha


Have built an AR from the ground up. Hate to say it, but it was not difficult, though I must admit I was trained as an armorer and had experience with ARs, M16s, XM-177s, AKs, SKSs, and every US firearm we had… and if you ever have to work on an M60, M240, or M2 .50, the AR is easy… in comparison.
I also built a .308 using a Mauser action and sanded the wood stock and oiled it, but again, we had a bluing shed and all the tools needed…

My problem was when they switched from the 1911 to the M9, the Beretta 92 has a LOT of little springs.

But, as I said, full disclosure, I was an armorer and had all the tools needed.


Hey Dawn!

If you are talking foregrip, I highly recommend the BCM Stubby (slightly angled, and I run it “AK” style, angled forward) this gives me a “handstop” type feel, while being able to maintain a good grip on handguard). I can also get a decent vertical fist grip if I become fatigued. Also, magpul AFG is always an option.