Have to keep an eyes on the bears now

Poor ABC7LA caught a ton of flack over this.


Sounds like a hit, the Deputy was off duty had just ordered and was waiting at the counter when the suspect came up and shot him in the head from behind.

This happened in Alhambra, CA. Suspect and suspect vehicle. image image

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That is horrific! They don’t know if he was targeted as a sheriff’s deputy, but if he was, what was the shooter thinking? It’s shameful that anyone is shot in the back of the head, but to try to execute a law enforcement officer because of what he does is so wrong. (Murder is wrong to start with and it’s even more heinous when someone who’s sworn to protect people is targeted.)


The deputy was in plain clothes, he is a regular at a quick change oil changing shop. He went next door to Jack in the Box to get some food while he was waiting for his car to be serviced.

Winds up he is assigned to the county hospital USC General Hospital in between LA and East LA. The shooter was caught, he’s from Utah reports say.

Wondering how this is going to develop to get some insight to the motive.