Have a safe holiday?

The Christmas tree is lit in the front window.

You’re preparing to host the big family Christmas gathering at your house and have a ton of Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped “hidden” in the linen closet. Amazon is delivering more gifts to your front porch every day because you hate to shop in crowded stores.

All the signs point to a wonderful Christmas for you. And all the signs point to a great house to rob for thieves.

How do you protect your home during the holidays?


Ha! Just the question I’ve had in mind last night! The surprise is, the boxes from Amazon were carrying an updated security system to the one we’ve had since buying the house! So, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go install all that stuff and turn it from a present for the thief if they showed up now, to the deterrent I intend it to be to make them think thrice if they come to my house!

Happy holidays!

(oh, and that pretty little watch that snuck in? oh, don’t you worry your wee heart over that my Dear! I’ve got it!)

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Yes, we buy a lot from Amazon. I work from home (my office is at the front of the house), so packages don’t stay on the front porch for long. The boxes get flattened and tossed into the covered recycling cart.

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