Hat's Off Unto Panola County and The Family of Fallen Deputy

Around 24 hours ago Deputy Chris Dickerson with Panola County Texas Sheriff’s Office would put on his uniform for the last time, say goodnight to wife and two small children and never return home. Little did Deputy Dickerson know hours later his name and death would be spread across news networks around the country. His death marks the 132nd law enforcement fatality for 2019.

Shreveport Police Department K-9 Officer was able to track down the suspect, who fled to Shreveport, and initiate a vehicle pursuit which led to the suspect crashing. The SPD K-9 handler released canine “Casper” into the nearby woods and Casper was able sink his teeth into the suspect for arresting officers.

These are the two images that need to be shared across news networks, not the suspect.

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