'Hate-filled' law school commencement speech shows America getting to 'dangerous place,' Army veteran warns

We all knew this was coming. The new soldiers are being deployed. :thinking:

“That is how far the left has gotten,” Hunt explained. “Those types of ideas are really kind of incubated in our institutions of higher education. And so the only way that we can combat this stuff is to speak up and speak the truth.”

‘Hate-filled’ law school commencement speech shows America getting to ‘dangerous place,’ Army veteran warns (msn.com)


“This POS” is supposed to be the new breed of lawyer representing THE PEOPLE?
She makes judgements on an active case and calls a person a murderer BEFORE trial?
Ms. Alvin the chipmunk bragg Fatima Mousa Mohammed go back home you vile hate filled MF’er!
“Institution of higher education” my Ass.

Edited by Donald : 1802 on 05/31/23 I just couldn’t look @ her friggin’ face ya’ll


That is islame 101.


Wow, things have changed. My dad escaped (literally) the communists in Eastern Europe after WW2, moved to Queens, became a citizen, and was able to attend CUNY tuition-free where he earned an engineering degree. He then went on to serve 2 years active and 10 years reserve Army, and had a great 35 year career working on advanced weapon systems at a major defense contractor, all with nothing but a free education he was (rightly) proud of.

Now look at what that school is producing. :cry:


To upset to write, if I did, I’d be thrown off!


Mere words do not compare to what she deserves.


Same her Scott,
I wrote a nice Patriotic ‘Rant’ , deleted it, started another one same same…
What is the point?
But the question Begs to be asked (in my mind)
“WHY”? and there are a thousand questions connected to that question.
Why do they hate US so much? How did it get this far? and what’s the solution to all this hate?
You can’t possibly hang them all.
Obviously, one of the answers is If you hate US/America so much go back home. I’ll help you pack!
If you are from here what made you such a hater of this Republic? The college professors? Political’s?
We’ve always had some decension, discussion, differing Ideas, That’s what a FREE SOCIETY allows you.
But this RADICAL/Hate filled crap is getting on my last nerve.
A lot of people have died , suffered serious injuries, been maimed etc for them to stand up there
and say this garbage. But what really gets me…I mean REALLY gets me is that phuckin’ SMUG look on her face. You just want to …
And it’s there plain as day on ALL of them. Lightfoot, Graham,Biden,Mayorkis and the list is endless.
How do you combat this Hater Mentality and others like her?
I don’t remember this much hate, attacks of FREEDOM’S, Assaults on our person by supposed fellow americans …
Sure people protested every War, banded together against the British, but this is going to tear us apart.
We (America–certainly NOT the United States anymore) are a Joke to the World now. If somebody wanted to Invade us (Oops, sorry too late) now would be a good time. We can’t even decide if the sky is blue anymore.
I wrote a long article yesterday about companies closing , the economy faltering etc and Looking forward to an eventual fix to this madness. But this young…lady here is just too much…and the article above said 'people in the audience applauded! (fellow lawyers I gather)
We are broken my friends.
Simply Broken.


The Biden Administration & ATF ~ American Gestapo by [F Riehl, Editor in Chief]

This is just a taste of the article.
Oregon – May 31st. 2023 is the final day to obey the Biden crime family’s demented dictates restricting pistol braces or face possibly decades in prison.

"To be clear, it is our position that the Biden administration is the single most corrupt and dangerous organization ever to inhabit (or infect) the White House.

Federal law enforcement agencies, long engaged in unconstitutional acts, have been weaponized far beyond what most could have imagined a few years ago…"

This is directly related to the above topic friends … Madness, shear madness, Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC bombing, 9/11… We have been on a downward spiral but it seems there is NO BOTTOM!
Your thoughts?


Thats what used to piss me off about obozo so much. During a speech after a point he thought well presented, he would lean his head back and look down his nose at the entire audience and they cheered him to no end!……


Executive order 9066!
We’re being taken over from within, we WILL burn. Yes, I am totally ok with this!
Interred and deported from the United States. I don’t care where we dump the trash! It’s beginning to stink! Other countries dumped their trash on us! Prove me wrong!
When my home is infested, I fumigate! Anyone can take any of this however they want.

When cancer enters your body we use methods that literally make the recipient sick to death.
We need to treat this like cancer. What’s in our country are malignant tumors.
Call me MAGA, call me extreme, don’t call me a doctor, but the prognosis is death! If people wish to turn a cheek, they get what they deserve.

Why is everyone so afraid to tackle the problem? Writing letters and kissing a$$ will not work. Talk is over, they made sure of that. They left us very few choices!
Now, if someone out here has a better SOLUTION, I’m all ears. Until then tell your grandchildren to buckle up!


Scott Five-Two: “To upset to write, if I did, I’d be thrown off!”

Scott Five-two (part deux) “Now, if someone out here has a better SOLUTION, I’m all ears. Until then tell your grandchildren to buckle up!”

See Brother! I KNEW you’d find your voice ! As you must know by now, I am prepared to always LIVE ON MY FEET, and NEVER on my Knees!
Buckle up indeed !
Lock 'N load !
Hold the Line !
I’m w/ you till the bacon Strips !


Yep. Enemy foreign.


Recruitment letters going out to 125,000. new soldiers.

New York Post
New York Post


Hochul announces all graduating seniors to be offered spots at SUNY and CUNY

Story by Patrick Reilly • 1h ago

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on Thursday that New York will be offering spots at SUNY and CUNY colleges for all of the state’s graduating high school seniors.

According to the governor’s office, SUNY will soon be sending out letters to roughly 125,000 senior students informing them that they have been automatically accepted to their local community colleges this fall.

“Access to quality higher education is an engine for social mobility and we are taking comprehensive steps to ensure that college is affordable and accessible for students from all backgrounds,” Hochul said in a statement.

“My administration remains committed to removing barriers and easing the pathway to higher education for all high school seniors – lifting up students to build a brighter future for themselves and New York.”

Sending a personalized letter to students is expected to spark their decision to enroll, the governor’s office said.

Earlier this year, financially struggling CUNY announced a partnership with New York City Public Schools to send 65,000 graduating seniors personalized letters also confirming their acceptance at the city’s university system, according to the governor’s office.

The letters will reveal students’ college options at CUNY, and invite them to send in a CUNY application.

“CUNY is sending seniors and their families the tools they need to find the right program at the right price,” CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez said. “This partnership will increase the number of seniors going to college, enhance New York’s workforce and help end systemic inequities.”

Both SUNY and CUNY are ready to assist all students with questions about applying for financial aid, the governor’s office said.

The measure was first proposed by Hochul as part of her 2023 State of the State agenda “to eliminate barriers to higher education.”




…'And so it starts Brother!" and so it starts! How many did the “SS” have?


Supposedly 8 million


Thanks, I thought it was (81) MILLION…?

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Hold on, I’ll ask Klaus :grinning:


Hold on, I’ll ask Klaus …

WHO? Kinski, Von Bulow, Santa? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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