HAs anyone used PPU's FBI load in a snubbie?

158gr SWC-HP not marked +P $28.99/50 @ Sportsman’s Warehouse
MV-902 fps ME-282 ft/lbs

WIN Super-X (+P) $57.99/50 @ Midway USA
MV-890 fts ME-278ft/lbs

There is no indication of what the test barrel lengths were. The Winchester was the original, much respected FBI +P load (?)

I have shot PPU SWC loads which I found very controllable.
If and when I can find some SWC_HP to test, I will, as it sounds like a promising load for EDC in my Centennial.
I was wondering if anyone here has tried it and what their thoughts were.

Not ran them through a chrono but they ring a steel plate pretty well from a 638😏. I’d expect the posted my is from a 4” pipe but I do not “know” that.

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