Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green is synonymous with St. Paddy’s Day. In Wisconsin most bars will feature green beer, in Chicago the Chicago River is dyed green, across the country people don green apparel to celebrate their Irish heritage (whether they’re Irish or not).

When it comes to guns, most people associate guns with the color black. While there are many different color guns out there, not everyone likes a robin’s egg blue grip or an iridescent slide.

With the shortage of firearms on store shelves, would you carry a colorful firearm?

  • I already carry a colorful gun
  • If it was the only gun available
  • Nope, not a chance

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Share your thoughts and St. Paddy’s Day cheer below.

If you’re partaking in green beer or Guinness today (or any day), please don’t drink and carry. :beers:

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My family always wears orange on St. Patrick’s Day. Not sure I’d walk around with an orange firearm.


If I ever buy another pistol purely for home defense, it will probably be pink. In the horrible event that I ever had to use it, I think being shot by an old man with a pink pistol might make some cops laugh. And cops could use a good laugh now and then. Just trying to help. :crazy_face:

First St. Patrick’s Day parade in North America?


If it was all the gun that’s available, I don’t care if Darby O’Gill is painted in the slide. I’ll carry it.