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Gonna take some time. Just read two articles and just went deeper. Will have to look into the tech license I think. Better range, ability to monitor emergency services. Thanks again for all the input. Looks to be GMRS or basic HAM.


Actually the one

There are a pool of 411 possible questions on the Technician class test, of which only 35 are actually used. I highly recommend this book, which includes all the questions.

Thanks for the direction. Started playing in an online study course. Self led. Will check into the book. If I go this route I want to know the material. Thanks again.


Sorry, promise the last question, then this thread can fade away.

The marine radio I put in my boat three years ago due to big water, superior, has marine channels and hooked to my GPS. Is this what type? Bonefied marine radio with about a 4 foot antenna.uniden and has the oops things went bad switch that send location.

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You can access marine band radios with a HAM radio, but recommend the General class license, (Higher than technician class, it involves another 35 question test. The General license greatly expands the frequencies you are allowed to use, including marine frequencies.) Some folks take the General exam right in the same sitting as their Tech exam. (Can’t just skip the Tech exam, you have to take both.)


I studied for both from scratch using the ARRL books and online quiz bank. Took and passed tech and general back to back. Only missed 1. This was in 2007, but sounds like it’s pretty much the same today.

That is what I recommend. You only get VHF/UHF with tech but get a bunch of HF with General, might as well make your studying more worthwhile, HF is where you get long range (work the world) frequencies and you only have to test the one time renewal is just a small fee once a decade


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I got my Technician license over 20 years ago, but I think this advice still holds.
There are three ways to study:

  1. With a book or web site that shows all of the possible questions and the correct answers.
  2. With a book or web site that has all of the questions and answers plus a short explanation for the correct answer for each.
  3. An actual text book designed to develop all of the knowledge covering the required knowledge in context.

If you know how you learn (versus just memorize) pick the method that works best for you.
I used method 3 with a book from ARRL,


ARRL recognized Gorden West as Instructor of the year in 2006. Through his Gorden West Radio School, he has trained 8 out of 10 newly licensed HAMS with his classes, books and audio courses over the past 40 years.

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