Hand over your guns or else

It doesn’t take much of a change to rewrite that headline.

"Biden and Progressives Have Weapon Ultimatum for Citizens: Hand Over Guns and Ammo or Else


“In response to the twin tragedies, [President Aleksandar Vucic] (Read Notzee/Fuhrer )(Serbian president sharply criticizes Western officials over attempts to normalize ties with Kosovo | Fox News) set out on a mission to cleanse Serbia of firearms”…

If you PAY ATTENTION and listen to the language used, you can clearly see what other ‘societies’ and nations already did to their citizens. Ethnic ‘CLENSING’ next??? worked before didn’t it? I’ve gone through the list before, maybe it bears repeating here. England, Australia, Canada, Germany and on and on and on… How is that working out for their people?
The REAL question is how are YOU going to live? On your feet or on your knees?
THAT is my mantra.
That is what drives me.
I try not to be full of sh–, I try, but THIS is for all the marbles. History has shown disarmament is
THE FACTOR starting that slippery slope to enslavement.
Strong words huh? Just ask an ‘Aussie’ how they feel with out of control crime, roving bands of
Criminals out to rape, steal, pillage and KILL them and their gubment took away their only chance to stay alive/ defend themselves on THEIR TERMS. Where are all these gubment ‘protector’s’ now in all these countries? Sitting behind their high walls and armed security teams that’s where. This is the blue print for this country. This is an old playbook and THAt is why it will fail in this country today.
The only problem (for them) is they have NO IDEA who they are dealing with. As said here just today, there is a disconnect between gubment and WE THE PEOPLE. There is a small loud/media hyped gubment controlled group that THINK the gubment is with them. They will be shocked to find they are the latest ‘pawns’ and after their usefulness is over they will be thrown under the bus along with the rest of us. Do you really feel that the 'Trans, Gay, Democrat, any people who think WE are the enemy will have a seat @ the table after we are gone? that this minority will have a say what a small group of despots in power give a crap what their wishes, hopes and dreams are? I’m sorry, but the answer is FAT CHANCE. All these Trillionaires need is broken, huddled, compliant, disarmed slaves. They need the lights to stay on, the farms to operate, the workings of a country to continue. And who will stop them once we are gone from this earth. Antifa? BLM? Not bloody likely. The gubment has grown bloated w/ every alphabet agancy now militarized to PUT DOWN ANY and ALL CIVIL UNREST. And when these idiots realize they’ve been had it will be too late.

Wake-up America, OBAMA/Soro’s/Rothchild(s) want this NOW.

“Day-to-day life in Serbia has nearly come to a halt as the nation remains in mourning and grapples with a new and unforeseen threat”.

The people have NO IDEA just how close THAT THREAT is !


I don’t handle or else threats well. I go straight to the or else part.


I’m the same way, my family (wife, kids) feel the same way as I do.



They Spin, Lie, Threaten and Accuse ! When something doesn’t work (like say “monkey Pox”)
they immediately forget about it and move on to the next fear based con to keep peoples heads spinning. It’s the old throw it ( a bunch of sh-- against the wall) confusion and see what sticks!
I heard a women @ a coffee shop say “What happened to Monkey-Pox? Is there a vaccine?”
Oh my GOD! I told her yes there is a cure and her table got quiet. “Turn off the News!” and walked away.
But the sad Truth is this is not just a ‘Gun Grab’ (Gates said" There are too many people and too few resources in the world" That should wake people up, but it doesn’t. Serbian society is ‘on edge’ because of (2) shootings …TWO ! and they want ALL the ‘UNREGISTERED’ guns turned in. THAT fact right there tells you how powerful those citizens ‘could be’. But will they be MEN or will they be SHEEP? There is EVIL showing it’s face to the world today. It use to be in the shadows but now it doesn’t care…

“Who is this guy on the left?” That was the caption w/ these two pictures… Remember the guy on the right? THAT was what Biden really looked like (my opinion only folks)
take a look @ ‘Real Raw News’
‘Starship Earth’
There is a WAR going on right NOW. They call Trump and the ARMY of Good fighting EVIL ‘White Hats’
and the Soro’s, gates, Rothchild’s , ‘Black hats’ It has been going on for ages. It has only reached this level because the ‘masses’ just refuse to ‘WAKE THE HELL UP!’ The good guys tried to wait for the shepple to come out of their mental coma but it’s reaching critical mass now and they had to act.
It will shock the bejesus out of people what these evil criminals are doing but they can’t wait anymore.
Am I Crazy? Am I a conspiracy Theorist? YEP! (to the second not the first :rofl::rofl::rofl:)
Read some stuff, if it doesn’t sing to you just forget it, I tried. I want you to understand it’s NOT just a gun grab going on here folks. It’s much much bigger. Hollwierd is finally speaking out Actors are finally saying horrible sh-- about what is expected of them to remain employed and get the choice roles. Rituals, ceremonies, secret hand signals (that’s a tease by me for you to investigate if you choose). Google it Boot! Ricky Schroder, Tyrese Gibson … Look into Taylor Hawkins death (Rock band Foo Fighters Drummer): dead @ 50. Perfect health/ work out fanatic died in Argentina w/ (10) different drugs in his system. He was putting a documentary about sex trafficking/child exploitation etc. Look @ actor David Carridane , Jamie Foxx all who ‘Resisted’ the evil blood rituals-ceremonies and were killed. Look up
‘Adrenochrome’ folks (I won’t even explain, see for yourselves. I’m NOT saying BELIEVE ME!) I’m asking for you to give it a read. Just be AWARE of some going’s on and decide for yourselves.
This Serbian disarmament article really shook me! After two shootings one by a kid and another by a
20 yr old and THAT is the reasoning for a country-wide gun grab? They need us to be helpless.
It is getting old even to me what I have been saying. They take the guns and they take the world. How do we fight back if we are defenseless? clubs and rocks? against a weaponized IRS? Does anybody find it bizarre that the IRS has an army? because that is what they are. Calculator (check), Pancils (check), M4 (check).
Thank you LEO, This was the perfect article for me to rant about this stuff.
Did I go too far? (I usually do) But am I nuts? NO, I am passionate about FREEDOM, This wonderful country and the RIGHT to have a Peaceful existence on this planet. I AM A PATRIOT ! I drink up 2A ! I live and breathe The Constitution/Bill of Rights and FREE WILL!
One last blast: Serbia/Kosovo /UKRAINE does ANYBODY wonder why there is so much support for these evil masters running these countries besides me? Why is the support for Ukraine so unwavering by the US Gubment to the point of madness? There is PURE EVIL in the Ukraine folks. Russia is NOT the Big angry bear here people. The Not-zee’s are after Putin/Russia again. He is just fighting back. The media say’s Russia is on the ropes. We shall see. But this is for all the marbles and the Bear is ferocious! We use to AGAINST things like ‘Ethnic cleansing’ Now this gubment allies with them…? I don’t think so.
OK, rant done, let me have it.

God Bless you all,
Stay Frosty
but “Buckle Up”
We are in for one hell of a ride.


As am I brother as am I


so am I brother just can’t type as much. but, every word you said applies to me also.


I’ll take “OR ELSE” for $1,000, Alex…


Those two photos look like the same person to me.
But don’t forget to take into account the number of times he’s fallen flat on his face. That’s bound to take a toll on a person’s appearance over time. :laughing:


With an age difference of about 3 decades… Let’s compare @Don102 from 30 years ago to today… baby pic, too, if that what you have… :sunglasses:

Hey, I wasn’t half bad 30 years ago.
I wasn’t half good, either, but still…

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