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It may seem that the world is against those of us who believe in the wholeness of the U.S. Constitution as amended. That is especially so when it comes to our Second Amendment and right to bear arms. After all, so much of the world proclaims that it is anti-gun.

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It sure seems gun owners are the minority. At least it does to me.

Is that not what we are taught. When you Conceal Carry or Open Carry, you handle a great responsibility. I hate to use the metaphor of an antimated cartoon like “The Incredibles” but here goes.

The Common Man does not want to make all the people aware of his power. Be it in a weapon or fists.
As the bad guy is walking away from the heroes he says an important rule. Watch the show and look for that rule. The only difference between that Hero and the criminal is preception.

My complaint is the moving of the legal lines. Conceal Carry is supposed to mean that you are following the common rules made by the masses that allows you a ONE TIME effort to save YOU or you family from harm. More and more the concensus is I will carry my weapon and if I show it or use it. I WILL TAKE THE HIT. In other words, If I am forced to draw my weapon and use it, I am going to kill everybody I consider a threat. The logic is simple.

My LEO buddies are saying it also. More and more they are being beat over the head with the media. It makes it look like EVERYONE that carries is a problem. They will be the ones coming to get your guns when the government wants them.

Just because You think gun owners are the minority, fine. But you must act like you deserve to have the gun. A weapon is not just an equalizer but is a major advantage in the right hands.

The old saying holds true all the time. With GREAT POWER comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.

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Unfortunately, a person has to accept the GREAT RESPONSIBILY that comes when bestowed with
GREAT POWER. How many of our national journalists or political leaders abuse the power that comes from their position and then refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions?

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Czechia and other countries similar to it like Hungary seem to be among the very few who will not be bullied by socialist elites. These same countries were among a handful of nations who refused to bow down to the U.N.'s and EU’s forced immigration policies. And then there’s my personal biases for Czech firearms, its beautiful city Prague, and culture. I have a good chance to go there as a volunteer with Czech university students. Hopefully the US will ease travel restrictions.