Guns in the News: To Live Free From Fear | USCCA

Amid the presence of COVID-19, the lack of test kits, the occasional illness and death is the fear. We wash, we disinfect, we hunker down and we distance ourselves from family and friends. We binge-watch Netflix and try to keep the kids occupied without resorting to “oh, who cares” and 24/7 electronic games. Underlying all of this is a continuing threat to our freedoms and our way of life.

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I first want to offer an apology if I am posting this in an incorrect forum, but I have these thoughts on my mind and need to get them out and posted somewhere. It frightens me at how remarkably easy it is, and has been, for the government to do three things: (1) The government has ordered private enterprises to shut down, declaring specific industries as “non essential.” This is putting free enterprise out of business. (2) The government publicly announced that the existing policing agencies will pick and choose which laws they are going to enforce. (3) The government has begun releasing convicted criminals back into the public arena. In my opinion, these three actions are making our environment and our culture worse not better, and more dangerous overall. The frightening part of this whole affair is how easy it is for our government to do this. I happen to live in Arizona, but I don’t think my specific location is really pertinent to these concerns.


This is what the founding fathers were worried about when they drew up the Bill of rights.It is our job to sound the alarm when the Goverment over reaches it’s power.Thats why Grass Roots N.C.,and Gun Owners of America are sueing the Wake county Sheriff for stopping permit background checks during this time.The N.C. court ruled in favor of the citizens two years ago.

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