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Sic semper tyrannis. “Thus always to tyrants.” So says the great seal of the state of Virginia.

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I heard the Senate killed this bill this morning!!! Even the democrat’s said the bill was crazy


I agree with 2, 9, 812 and 1083. Each makes sense. Why not have a background check for the transfer of citizen to citizen? Both should be checked if you really want to know.

Why not report your gun stolen or lost? It is highly irresponsible to not do so. Increase the fine to $2500 and I’ll bet they are reported then. If someone used that unreported/stolen gun and kills someone, the murder is on your hands. Think about it.

If 21 is the legal age to drink, and to do other activities in this country, why only make this weapons left unattended rule for 18 year olds? Their brains aren’t fully developed and they are still doing stupid stuff out there. If they do so at such a young age, doctors and psychologist are getting them off because of that. If they are 21, and the brain is fully developed, then they suffer the consequences. The owner does too if not reported timely.

So, my understanding of this law (812) is that there would be a Zero-Tolerance policy on selling a gun collection (say an estate sale as just one example) or even a matched pair of dueling pistols would be illegal? If that isn’t “infringement” or just plain stupid, I’m not sure what if anything, could be considered (“to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another”. Webster- not me).


@Ronald36 There is a lot of “just plain stupid” here in VA right now.


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@Jeff-A1, totally agree!!!

@ Brian_K: maybe you should consider being domiciled in another country. Most, nearly all, have your same beliefs. You want control which places you squarely as being an antagonist that wants “RULE”. England felt the same way. Without us that firmly believe in our gun rights, we would have lost most every squrmish, battle or war as it takes a certain character to defend those who are less than capable or just cowardly (I imagine you know which category you fall into there buddy)

We have all been so complacent in our views and the older generation is fading which is why idiotic laws such as recently approved are getting passed. So many wanna-be Socialists are around that morons such as Bernie Sanders are even allowed the opportunity to run for an elected position.
Joseph Stallin said that in order for a government to control its people, the government must first disarm its people. (:thinking::thinking::thinking:) (I’m sure Brian_k is cheering at those words).
Laws that make you wait, limit the number or how carried are ALL laws that INFRINGE upon my/OUR right to KEEP, OWN, TRANSPORT, POSSESS said firearms yet, we have over-reaching, power hungry governors that are Hell bent are doing just that as it just happened and more will follow.
Our current joke of a governor is just one of many.
Sic semper tyrannis…

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