Guns Do Save Lives

Shooting at church in White Settlement, Texas, leaves victim and suspect dead


Some of the comments about this on the local news Facebook page are disgusting. The man who took down the murderer is a shining example of why to stretch out your shooting distance with your carry gun. In the sanctuary at our church, that would have been a 18-20 yard shot. My heart goes out to the victims. Not just the one who was murdered, but, all in the room. The psychological fallout from an event like this could be similar to PTSD.


Wow, from CNN none the less…! I guess all their starters are still on vacation and weren’t available to either put a negative spin on it or bury the story.

It’ll be gone by tomorrow. No loss of life, good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun. Doesn’t fit their narrative.


I’ll just add this one to this thread. More proof that guns, in law abiding citizens hands, save lives.

Wife Pulls Out Gun And Shoots After Husband Is Confronted By Multiple Armed Attackers


Six seconds and it’s over. I love law enforcement but they can’t respond that fast. It’s very sad that two died but how much worse might it have been?

A deadly shooting in a Texas church that killed 2 parishioners was over in 6 seconds


Sounds like one of the victims was a member of the security team.

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I believe 2 of them were. I think the injured man succumbed to his wounds. Not sure though.