Gun wrap

Yeah thanks

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Agree 100 percent I keep my carry firearms stock.

Personally, I like the flag wraps. I can see where a persecutor might find the Spiderman one as a sign of vigilantism…I love my country and if some persecutor finds fault in me because of the flag on a firearm, he can kma. Need justification for a flag wrap? Pride in ones country and rembrance of the heroes that fought to keep our country the one we love…on the practicality of a wrap, it protects the finish of an expensive investment… No, persecutor is not a typo…


The main reason for putting the wrap on the gun no matter what picture it is is to protect it from wear and tear

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in a court of lawa and an overzealous D.A thet would not be a defense. Like I stated I really don’t have an issue with them, "your gun,your choice"But it will be used against you and you can use the "to protect the finish"as a counter argument but they will use it and it can sway jurors especially if some of them have a chip on their shoulder.

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Ok then what about the uk one and what about all these after market slides that glock make that are designed to make Your gun look better i guess its ok as long as a gun manufacturer is doing it right?

I just never heard of anybody in a self defence case be prosecuted for what the gun looks like