Gun registration and sales

I purchased a firearm over 20 yrs ago at a regular firearms dealer. Recently, I decided to sell it.

My question is: Is there a way to remove my name from this firearm before I sell it ?
Thanks for any real, accurate and workable ideas.



Your name will be associated with the firearm as a past owner. To make sure that it gets to the “past” owner status, you’ll want to sell it through an FFL. They’ll take it into their inventory before they sell it. You’ll get less money for it that way, but it will be very well tracked through the FFL to ensure your name is a “past” owner and not the current owner.

If you want to sell it without an FFL involved (which you can do in most states I believe - check your local laws for any legal requirements), be sure to get a copy of the license/government-issued ID of the person you sell it to. Keep that along with a bill of sale (I’d make them sign the bill of sale as well) with the documentation you have for the firearm.


In Illinois, the Illinois State Police has a form on their website to print and fill out. I agree with everything that @Dawn said as well.


Every firearm starts it’s life with the 2 nd Amendment being infringed upon. The sooner WE THE PEOPLE stop following the woke register with the government heffer dust, the sooner the government will realize that there are many true patriots that believe in the constitution of the United States…I’m rambling but a few of you know what I mean


On a slightly different tangent but germane to the topic… I have an old XP computer that has a CD/DVD burner, ZIP Drive and 3.5" floppy drive on a bomb proof Seagate HDD with a bare bones installed XP OS that I keep air gapped after I installed all of the XP updates that were available for the single purpose of keeping all my photos, documents and important digital information. My son has one of those gizmos that allows you to plug an old hard drive into it and down load to a SSD drive/USB etc. It’s a PITA and slow as he!! comparatively but all my tax documents, mortgage, pictures, receipts that are important and such are safely tucked away on multiple Thumb Drives and an SSD that I keep in a safety deposit box. Paper gets old, digits do not as long as you have a way to read them. I trust not the “Cloud”.




Yes you can, sell it through FFL.



My understanding of ATF tracing is that they contact the manufacturer, who then tells them who they sold it to. The ATF then traces to that FFL and if you bought, you are the owner to their knowledge. The ATF has no way to trace the firearm to another FFL or anyone else - until we have a federal/national registry.

Not that it matters, as they will check you out anyway, as the only point of tracing is to find a crime they can charge you with. Once they find no link to you to the criminal act related to the traced firearm, you are clear. It is likely you would never hear from them. Sadly, nowhere on the ATF site do they state they return lost/stolen arms to their rightful owners.


New rules in Illinois affects private sales!

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