Gun poll raised eyebrows


What’s a Gun-Poll?
Oh, 'bout $40 bucks!
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Should anyone be surprised? When the public reads or views headline stories about loss of police manpower and rising homicides—Washington, DC recently posted its 248th slaying, while Baltimore reports 239 murders so far this year, and distant Seattle is expected to set a new record this year—there should be no wonder why more people are buying guns, including many people for the first time.

The New York Post recently covered the alarming exodus of police officers in New York City. The newspaper revealed, “A total of 2,516 NYPD cops have left so far this year, the fourth highest number in the past decade and 43% more than the 1,750 who hightailed it in 2018, before the pandemic and crime spikes hit the city, NYPD pension data show.”
maybe NYC won’t have a Police force before Christmas?
Is it any wonder WHY NYPD’s are quitting at this high a rate? YES! They don’t want to die in the Line! for nothing!
Blu states will be the NEW Thunder domes! Live on ‘Pay per slay!’
The NY Post use to be a second rate rag you wrapped fish in and didn’t admit you read it to your friends, Now they are THE NEWS to read everyday! Amazing.
If you live long enough you can go to heaven and say ‘Now I’ve seen everything!’ Let’s go HOME!


I forgive you. What Does a Gun-Poll¿


How many guns does a gun poll, poll, if a gun poll could poll guns? :rofl:


That actually sounds clever.
Gun poles don’t poll guns, people, pole guns.
Just to stay on topic.


Oh Dave…That REALLY Clever !

No step on poll-snek!


Gun poll….which bar are those in so I can watch the girls?

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